Haute On The Ranch: Summer Fun & [ALL] the Festivities!

With the official arrival of the 2017 Summer season and all the fireworks stands popping up around town, we got to daydreaming about our favorite summer festivities. Lake days, rodeo nights, cowboy church sermons from the stands, livin’ the lake life when we can… and several more. So with that in mind, here’s a laundry list of how we’d really like to spend each day of summer and some of our favorite styles to pair with them -- on repeat, of course. ;)

The Backyard BBQ: Some call it a cookout, some call it grillin’, and others call it a BBQ. There’s really no right or wrong way to spin this one so long as you’ve got your favorite people, some great cuts of meat and a handy bowl of the best potato salad nearby. Top it off with homemade ice cream and we’re pretty much in summertime heaven. Our pick for this festive occasion is most certainly The Hiko tank. She comes in our favorite shade of olive and has just enough flow to keep cool and comfy as the sun’s going down.

[Shown: The Hiko top, The Rio Bravo wristlet, Logan Earrings and Carson Necklace]

Girls’ Day About Town Turned Margarita Night: Who doesn’t love a good summer day (and night) with their best gal pals?! Without a doubt, we can say it doesn’t happen nearly enough anymore… Time, distance and life in general just seems to pull us in all too often, but when we are luck enough to sneak away for a much-needed girls day, we LOVE how things pick right back up where they left off. And we love the pairing of The Reno tank with the Marina Del Rey almost as much. ;)

[Shown: The Reno top, The Marina Del Rey hat, Ketoh Cuff and Mosquero Earrings]

Cowboy Church: Soaking up the Word of our Lord and Savior surrounded by our fellow cowboy and cowgirl Christians… there’s no better way to start a week. There’s a quote we’ve often heard that states “you are who you surround yourself with…” and we’re grateful for the good people He has put in our lives that challenge us to be the best version of ourselves. The Summerlin top with its high neck crochet details is perfect for a morning of worship and praise.  

[Shown: The Summerlin top (steel blue), Redford Earrings, Tennessee Bracelet and Payson Bangle]

Lake Nights & Campfires: Break out the pontoon for a relaxing day on the water or  spend it strapped into your skis… Either way, come sunset, not much beats a campfire by the water’s edge, roasting hot dogs, and achieving that perfect shade of “burnt” marshmallow for your s'more. Odds are, you won’t have time for a shower and makeup (I mean, we’re lakeside), so grab your favorite ball cap, The Weekender baseball tee, and some distressed denim to carry you right on thru the night.

[Shown: The Weekender top, Horseshoe Bay Necklace and Blanco Earrings]

Small Town Saturday Night: It’s not often that we make it to the big ole city -- and that’s just fine by us. The fun is where our people are, and our people tend to be the small town Saturday night type -- so we fit right in. ;)  You know what else fits right in? The Caliente top! For the love of all things in the perfect shades of summer serape… we’re swooning.

[Shown: The Caliente top, The Latexo clutch, Tennessee Bracelet, De Soto Cuff, Houston Necklace, Porcupine Necklace and Mosquero Earrings]

Casual Friday: Yes, we know it’s not just a summer thing… and around here, it’s pretty much casual Friday everyday. But for those who only get to celebrate it one day a week, we are certain you’re going to want to cycle The Mesquite into your collection of favorites. Pair it with your favorite leather accessories, concho earrings and The Baroness bag, and you’re ready for a laid-back, summer-inspired day at the office.

[Shown: The Mesquite top, The Baroness bag, Redford Earrings, Nueces Bracelet, Payson Bangle and Houston Necklace]

Vestige Rodeo Nights: You know we couldn’t make it through a list of favorite summer festivities without mentioning the rodeo nights, right? To say we saved the best for last, might be an understatement… I mean, The Montanan and the El Paso Bandana were basically made for each other to be worn in the shadows of arena lights. IN. LOVE. Psst.. This pair would also be a knockout for your Independence Day activities, as well… but that’s just an idea. ;)

[Shown: The Montanan top, Stirrup Bracelet, El Paso Bandana and The Dundee bag]

On that note, we’re calling this one a wrap and going to stop daydreaming about all these fun things and work on getting them on our calendars instead! What is it they say? You only live once, might as well have fun? We probably just made that last bit up… but it sounds good right?

Til next time,

Sammie & Ryley

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