We are a small town, few {wo}man shop from the Midwest bringing you a mix of mainstream fashion with strong western roots.


Born & raised outside Brookville, KS it’s only fitting that this is where the brand, Savannah Sevens was born too! With the S7s Headquarters now located at her and husband, Michael's place, you'll find their kids, Blayke and Bronson in and out of the shop at day's end to say hi to mama. They can be counted on to “help” the S7s girls before heading out to chase kitties and feed Short-Go, the pony. Ryley couldn’t be happier or more proud of the S7s Team that we’ve built. It has allowed her to go from “wearing all the hats” during the first few years of business to being able to delegate responsibilities and expand goals with her team. She stays connected to her customers by writing every social media post. The fact that Ryley has and always will be, first hand, the one to bring you her personal touch and favorite styles, let’s you know you can always trust in our brand and product.


After spending her childhood in Washington state Tiffany returned to Salina, KS where she, her husband, Matt, and daughter, Renley, call home. As our Operations Manager Tiffany personally takes care of all things customer service and assures you have a fabulous buying experience. She also manages wholesaler correspondence and inventory management. She assists Ryley in product imagery creating accurate and detailed product pages for the best possible shopping experience. Tiffany is a natural leader that shows compassion while still being unwavering in her team management skills. She is very much respected and adored by her team.


Originally from Baldwin City, KS Peyton now resides outside of Minneapolis, KS with her husband Jon and sons Tate and Crew. She first joined the S7s team as an Operations Assistant in October of 2018. Since then she has transitioned into leading our Marketing Team. Some of her responsibilities include content creation, website development, influencer collaborations and working with Ryley to develop and roll out our annual marketing calendar on the daily. Peyton is our sweet, thoughtful and soft spoken one that is so very focused and always has the wheels turning in her mind ~ hence the reason she is so perfect for this role.


Originally from Abilene, KS, Kinley now resides outside of Salina, KS with her husband, Chance. Kinley started part-time in November 2020 and quickly transitioned to full time. Outside of the daily processing of inventory and orders, she assists our marketing team with our social media accounts and creating video content. Kinley is always all smiles, singing along to the radio and up for any new thing or project we give her. And the way Ryley walks in daily with a handful of new ideas to throw at the team - this is a real good thing!


Kylee joined the Savannah Sevens team in October 2021. Originally from Lindsborg, KS, she and husband Riley now call Marquette, KS home. A day in the {S7s} life of Kylee involves a wide variety of responsibilities, from shipping & receiving to assisting Ryley with product photo shoots. Her attention to detail and keen eye for spotting an imperfection in a product prior to it shipping out, assists us in maintaining our reputation for high quality products. Kylee is our happy-go-lucky, fun to be around gal that's always the first to pitch in feeding a twin bottle calf or anything to do with animals around the Wimer ranch.


Originally from Bennington, KS, Julee has lived in Phoenix, Nashville and Los Angeles before returning home in 2014 to help care for her father. The newest member of the S7s team, Julee was hired in July 2023 as the marketing coordinator to help make the brand more accessible to fans and followers of the western fashion industry. Her background in TV production, social media and writing provide the creativity we love to bring to our website, blog, bi-weekly emails, and social channels. Raised on country music by way of her parents’ band and having worked in the country music industry in Nashville, Julee is excited to be surrounded once again by the western way of life.


Born and raised in Lindsborg, KS, Crystal, husband Skylar and daughter Halstyn still call it home. Crystal joined our team in October 2020. After becoming a mom in Spring of '23, she is now with us part time and is our go to for extra hands during peak season. When she’s here, she's the gal that’s got to have the air blasting cool year round cause she’s the head down, straight to work, hustling, fast working kind that we so respect and appreciate!