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Haute on the Ranch: Wedding a Wimer! March 20 2017

For more than a decade, we’d talked about what this day would look like. I think that’s what all best friends do, right? And even though it may have taken a little longer coming to fruition than we thought it would at 18 and 20, seeing all your best friend’s dreams come true on such a special day is everything I could have hoped it would be. Cheers (one more time) to an incredible day for two of the best people I know! It certainly was worth the wait, and the memories captured in these photos will last a lifetime... Anyone that knows her, knows Ryley has an eye for details, and this day was no exception. There may have been some challenging moments getting there, but in the end, the details paid off! Read more.

Haute on the Ranch: Our [Own] Every Day Style March 06 2017

Alright friends… As much as we’d love for you all to think that we “get dressed up and do the damn thing” each day, we’d be lying. Most mornings the real dilemma is somewhere between “do I shower this morning and dry my hair?” OR “do I put on a ball cap, some eyeliner and mascara?” Yep, guilty as charged… All these cute clothes and accessories, and we’re really just praying we have some decently clean jeans and another t-shirt in our closet somewhere. 
So, with that being said, here’s a look at the tried and true looks you’re most likely to catch us out in over the next three to six months… And don’t judge if it’s the same thing twice -- if you didn’t see us yesterday, it’s fair game for tomorrow. ;)

Haute on the Ranch: On a More Personal Note... January 30 2017

Well friends, we’ve returned from Dallas market and are preparing to leave for MAGIC in Las Vegas here in a few weeks -- and we’re SO excited about the styles we’ve picked up for the upcoming Spring, Summer and Fall seasons! Seriously, the color palettes coming together are probably some of our favorites of ALL TIME. Not to mention an incredible custom project we’re working on that will roll out in the next few months… ;) One of the great things about market is that it gives us a chance to get together and collaborate outside of the shop. And since we’re pretty terrible at sharing much regarding our personal lives, most people may not realize that we (Ryley and Sammie) actually live in different states. So it got us thinking that maybe one of our 2017 resolutions should be to do a better job connecting with our customers on a personal level through the blog and social media. Read more.

Haute on the Ranch: The Road to 'The American' Style January 16 2017 2 Comments

A month has passed since the 2016 Wrangler NFR, and somehow we’re already two full weeks into the new year -- where does the time go?! The new year always brings about a fresh round of energy, and this time of year, the great wide world of western, ranch and rodeo is a buzz with the kick-off to another PRCA season and the road to The American on February 19. In all honesty, we’re not really sure if we’ll be in Arlington, but like all cowgals who love a reason to dress up their duds, we couldn’t help but pull some of our favorite looks that would be perfect for a Texas-sized day of rodeo action. First things first, you NEVER know what the weather is going to be like -- it could be 75 or an ice storm… nothing is off limits this time of year in Texas. Regardless, when the sun goes down, you’re likely going to want some sleeves. Here are four of our favorite [timeless] outerwear pieces made for statement, class and a comfortable day at AT&T Stadium.

Haute on the Ranch: Mix to Match -- Jewelry Tones, Textures & Layers December 26 2016

Before we jump into our post, we want to wish you all a (belated) very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Around here, we’re incredibly blessed to count our customers among the best in this business and are fortunate to call many of you friends (and maybe even some family) -- so THANK YOU for making 2016 the best year yet! As promised, this blog is a follow-up to the one from a couple weeks ago on The [Basic] Rules to [Statement] Jewels. Now, it used to be the thing to rock your matching jewelry set -- the earrings, the necklace, the bracelet, et al… But today, we prefer to mix our tones, textures and layers in order to achieve that perfect match. Below, we’ll walk you through the thought process behind a handful of our jewelry stylings. Read more.

Haute on the Ranch: [Basic] Rules to [Statement] Jewels December 11 2016

Statement. Jewelry. Where do we even begin? Now, we won’t go so far to say that your jewelry selection can “break” a fabulous outfit, but it can definitely send that fine foundation straight to the top when accessorized appropriately. So, with that being said, here are some [basic] insights into how we approach building our own statement jewelry collection and styling S7s looks each day. The Breastplate Necklace is one we have LOVED this season. In this look, we use it to really add an “edge” to the classic, romantic style of The Hoxie shawl and The Lansing top. The neckline and color of The Lansing are perfect for a statement piece like The Breastplate Necklace because it really allows for the shape and colors in The Breastplate Necklace to be showcased, while the turquoise and cognac leather in the necklace complement and pull together the warm rust hues of The Hoxie to perfection! Read more.

Haute on the Ranch: Wrangler NFR Style & ERA Outtakes November 14 2016 1 Comment

This past weekend we took a little break from our respective homesteads to attend the inaugural ERA World Championship Rodeo in Dallas. Our birthdays are only about two weeks apart, and we figured it might be our only chance to get away and do a little celebrating before the holiday shopping and shipping season hits its full stride. Originally we’d discussed going to the Wrangler NFR for our birthdays, but it’s just not an ideal time to get away what with all of the online Christmas orders taking place. However, as we packed our bags to hit the road [and knowing the Wrangler NFR is only about two weeks away], we thought it would be a fine time to share some looks we’d likely be taking to Vegas if we were, in fact, making the trek. Here’s what we know: Read more.

Haute on the Ranch: Statement Styling -- The Duster October 31 2016

The duster we’re referring to is slightly different than the one protecting you and your duds from the elements of a hard day’s ranch work -- although we do appreciate the importance of having that piece in your wardrobe. No, the duster we’re referring to has become a different kind of staple in the closets of western fashionistas across our great land. This duster is filled with sass, flirts with all your favorite denim and never thinks twice about making a statement. She packs a punch wherever she goes and never leaves you out in the cold. Dress her up or dress her down, just make sure you never leave town without her tow. Read more.

Haute on the Ranch: Chili & Mother Mary's Cornbread October 16 2016

For the record, it was at least 20 degrees cooler -- and Fall was in full swing -- when we decided to share our favorite chili and cornbread recipes here on the blog… But, in true plains states fashion, it’s been [very] unseasonably warm the past few days. Either way, we stuck with the plan knowing that when Mother Nature does [finally] come to her senses, nothing will warm you up quite like a [haute] home cooked meal of chili and cornbread. Step 1: Completely brown 2 lbs. of ground beef and set aside in a bowl (you’ll probably want to drain the excess fat). Using the same pan, combine and cook the following ingredients until the onions are cooked through and the peppers begin to soften. Read more.

Haute on the Ranch: Statement Styling -- The Lydon Dress October 02 2016

From the moment we saw and felt The Lyndon dress, we knew it was made for statement styling -- the retro mustard color, the crew-shaped neckline, the softest faux suede ever… It was sewn to be seen AND remembered. It doesn’t hurt that the weight and length make it PERFECT for styling in more ways than we can even imagine. So, without further refrain, here’s our take on three completely different ways to style The Lyndon dress -- with a few more statements thrown in for good measure. 1. Our favorite “fun” dress -- with a whole lotta sass. Have a night out on the town coming up? Maybe a company Christmas party or a milestone birthday celebration? This look has you covered in all the right ways. Pair it with your favorite cowboy boots -- maybe a side of The Sweetwater Boot Rugs? Read more.

Haute on the Ranch: It's Fall Y'all! September 19 2016 1 Comment

Even though the first day of Fall is still a few days away, around here we feel like it’s been in full swing for a couple weeks now. Labor Day has passed, it’s week three of college football, and the daylight hours are [noticeably] less -- not to mention, the evening air has us reaching for sleeves once again, and everyone is back under the cover of felt brims. And while we're not particularly in love with the shorter days, there’s no feeling quite like soaking up an Autumn sun, the taste of pumpkin spice (everything), and coordinating the oh-so-pretty styles for yourself and your home. So, in honor of the first week of Fall, we're sharing a few of our favorite finds and inspirations for the season -- including some new arrivals you may just need for layering here at Savannah Sevens. Read more. 


Haute on the Ranch: Summer Style Roundup September 04 2016 1 Comment

September. Labor Day. The official “unofficial” mark of fall’s beginning and summer’s end. Exiting the arena our favorite cutoff denim shorts, sun-soaked shoulders, bikinis, flip flops, float trips, lake adventures and warm rodeo nights. Thankfully making its grand entrance is our undying love for cozy knit sweaters, layers for days, boots, booties and boot rugs, and the crowning of new world champions after a long and tough year on the road. Really, we can’t complain. But before we give our final salute to summer, here’s one last roundup of our favorite summer styles (in no particular order, of course) and a few of the customers who brought them to life. Read more. 

Haute on the Ranch: Oh the Desert Romance August 21 2016

When one of your most favorite gal pals starts planning her wedding and you’re the lucky lady chosen as maid of honor, the bridal shower is a privilege you don’t take lightly. Such was the case I recently found myself in, and I’m super excited to share these outtakes of Ryley’s “Desert Romance” bridal shower from a couple weeks ago. For the record, this was FAR from a solo effort. Kerry and Erin were vital lead hands in pulling this shindig off -- couldn’t have done it without them! First things first: Venue - Finding a fun, unique venue in the middle of Kansas, can be tough -- especially when you live four hours away. Kerry made the venue challenge pretty dang easy by offering up the loft above her garage. It’s absolutely beautiful and was the perfect size to host around 30 people. It had a ton of bar space for decor and food, beautiful wood floors and lots of natural lighting. Read more.

Haute on the Ranch: 8 Lessons Learned During College August 07 2016 1 Comment

In honor of the "Back to School" season, here's a quick look at some of the important lessons learned during our college years along with some of our favorite "Back to School" styles. Time Flies - No, seriously, it really does. At nearly 30 and now looking back, it seems like 16, 18, 21 and 25 were just yesterday -- high school volleyball practice with no air conditioning, 8 a.m. walks across campus after a late night out, Wednesday night barrel races in Mustang, Okla., and spring break road trips. It all seems like it was just yesterday, except it wasn’t. Wherever you are, be there -- because time flies, and it’s one thing you can’t get back. Read more.

Haute Holiday Recipes & More! December 15 2014

Sammie here. Coming to you from a cozy condo bed in Breckenridge USA. This year in lieu of gifts, we opted for a Christmas Skication (as I’m calling it) on the inlaw side of my family. Absolutely no complaints on my end—nothing beats a week of fun on the slopes! And speaking of family, Christmas and gifts, Ryley and I thought that we’d “gift” a couple of our favorite family recipes to you. Enter the Skillet Cookie and the Chocolate Chip Cheeseball. Read more.

Wrangler NFR Preview: Ten Rounds, Ten Styles & More! November 17 2014

Welcome back to Haute On The Ranch! When the Wrangler NFR invades Sin City, women’s western apparel takes on a whole new fabulous life of its own. Don’t worry, you can still pack those favorite boots and jeans. But here are a few looks you may want to consider adding to that selection of classic western style. DOs… & DON’Ts Fun fact: This year marks 30 YEARS of the WNFR Las Vegas. Some looks have come. Others have gone. Very few stand the test of 30 years. And in the case you’ve never been to the Wrangler NFR, here are some of our thoughts on the happenings around town. Oh... And a brief 30th birthday party feature... Enjoy! Read more.

Haute On The Ranch—An Introduction! November 07 2014

Welcome to the latest evolution in the bold, rugged and beautiful land of Savannah Sevens Western Chic—Haute on the Ranch—a blog for the soul with western flair. There will be life and style, family and friends, dirt roads and faraway flights. From home on the Kansas range to the Oklahoma frontier—and beyond—follow along as things ‘get a little western’ here at Haute on the Ranch! Bringing the lingo to life is Savannah Sevens owner Ryley Austin Dent and long-time partner in crime Sammie Lynn McCracken. Going on ten years of friendship after meeting in Stillwater, Oklahoma, we became fast friends through our love of barrel racing, no-bake cookies and Coors Light. Read more. 

Sammie McCracken (left) Ryley Dent (right)