Haute on the Ranch: Trusner Designs X Savannah 7s

Hi, y’all! I’m Erin, owner of Trusner Designs, wife, mamma, and part time food and farm life blogger. I’m so honored to be here with Savannah Sevens to share a little about two of my passions - graphic design and being in the kitchen.

Blazer: The Montrose

I started Trusner Designs in 2011 as a side hobby creating invitations, and four years later found myself snowed under with a pile of wonderful clients and projects I couldn’t wait to wake up to every morning. That led to many a sleepless night burning the midnight oil building my business while working full time in the corporate world during the day. In 2016, I knew I had to make some changes or risk severe burnout. I moved to the farm to be with my now husband and the solitude was JUST what I needed. 

Then came yet another life decision looming large in front of me. With a load of self-doubt and a sore hand from all the number crunching, I took the leap and made the move to being a full-time entrepreneur in the spring of 2017. Holy heck, was that scary. But now, Trusner Designs was truly all mine! I could spend the day designing for the people I adored and working on projects that set my soul on fire. 

I went from the hustle and bustle of city work life in a pair of sky-high heels to a farm in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma with my dog as my only staff member and a muddy pair of Ariats on my feet. I was (and still am) in total bliss.  

Trusner Designs has evolved over the years, as the business coach in me will tell you is supposed to happen. I went from creating invitations for birthdays and small occasions to a full-service graphic design company offering custom wedding stationery, small business branding and marketing services, and a fan-favorite yearly holiday card collection. I do the last one just for pure fun. 😊 My clients are my people. I absolutely adore what I do… in case you couldn’t tell.

In my “spare” time, I have a little hobby blog sharing our life on the farm, my favorite recipes, gardening tips, and a smattering of fashion and home décor. The kitchen is my absolute favorite place to be. I grew up perched on the counter helping my mom bake cookies, or with one of my grandmothers stirring a pot of steaming beef stew and picking tomatoes from the garden. I call @thefischerupper my creative outlet from my creative job.
Blazer: The Montrose

And maybe it’s the reminiscent farm girl in me, but I still somehow always turn to my old recipe box for those treasured eats I know everyone will love. There is something so nostalgic about seeing my grandmother’s handwriting on her pecan pie recipe card she gave me years ago. I hope my grandchildren feel the same one day about mine.

Recipe Card: Rio Rancho Recipe Cards | Blazer: The Montrose

So when Savannah Sevens approached me about collaborating with them, I couldn’t say yes quickly enough. Without further ado, I give you the Trusner Designs X Savannah Sevens ranch life recipe card sets! One is curated with copper brands and the other is a simple southwest style, both perfectly suited to the farm or ranch kitchen.  I’ve included a pre-printed recipe card for the S7s team to share with you when you snag an order! My Ranch beef and noodles is a family favorite, and I hope your crew loves it just as much. 

Recipe Card: Ranch Brands Recipe Cards | Blazer: The Montrose

I believe in simple, approachable, elevated food. It doesn’t have to be complicated to taste restaurant-quality. Naturally by now you know I can’t leave here without giving you a couple more recipes to try!


Thank you, thank you for letting me share space with you today. I love who I work for, and I love who I cook for. Find me on Instagram @trusnerdesigns or @thefischerupper and let’s connect. I adore meeting new faces!


Erin Trusner Fischer 

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