Haute on the Ranch: @westdesperado x @savannah7s Fashion Trends 2022

With the new year comes new fashion & we are so excited to share with you what is in store for 2022! This year we are seeing the new styles that everyone has been looking for after the fashion lull of the last few years. 

Over on our Instagram this week Ryley, Owner of Savannah Sevens and Shaley, @westdesperado went live to share what to expect for Spring & Fall 2022!


Catch some highlights from their live below!


Q & A:

Do you feel like fashion trends are good right now or do they need work?

We are seeing a lot of new styles this year! Bright colors and patterns were something we both noticed at market. Over the last couple of years, we noticed a lull in fashion. There were styles that we loved but have seen before. This year we are really excited about what is to come!


Do you feel like skinny jeans are completely out?

Skinny jeans aren’t completely out, keep your favorite 2-3 pairs to save and style with knee-high boots! However, we are expecting to see more Trousers, Wide Leg & Straight-Leg fits. We are loving the cropped length that is in between as it works for all heights.



Color Palette:

Just a few of our favorites to expect for the upcoming seasons!


Spring ~ Orchid Pink, Bright Yellow, Teal, Snow Pink, Snow Blue

Fall ~ Honeycomb Tan, Chocolate (black/charcoal undertone), Magenta, Mineral blue


Spring colors are starting to roll in here at S7s, check out our New Arrivals!


Chimayo X Ariat ~ Hilos, Dixons & Apparel


West Desperado X Hooey ~  Perfume


What is your favorite thing that you are looking forward to in 2022?

Rough-out leather for the full boot on the fashion boot side. It is so pretty and different, especially in some of these fun new colors. ~@westdesperado 

Vibrant colors for spring including snow pink and snow blue which are done in such a classy way. The fall color palette is cooler than what we have seen. However, it really is the first time that it is a happy medium. ~@savannah7s


WATCH the recording of the live for more details PLUS a sneak peek at some of the styles coming soon to Savannah 7s! WATCH NOW


Until next time

~ Ryley & the S7s Team

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  • D'Lese Travis

    Thank you so very much for this forecast! i peruse the fashions offered each season and try to see the trends myself but as you two are out there actually seeing everything at market its so great to have you share it with us rather than have to figure it out myself! Your the best!

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