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Only a few more months until we welcome our baby boy, McCall LeDoux! We recently finished his nursery so now I’m getting organized on all things baby! With this being our second child, we already had a few items stored so really we don’t have a ton to buy. I think with the first child it’s the perfect opportunity to register/buy all the things but with the second I’m feeling much more refined and minimal. Let’s talk my must haves for maternity and then we’ll delve into what I feel baby needs. 

I try not to buy many maternity pieces but with work and having to travel, unfortunately, I have to have pants that fit. That’s one thing that is different this go-round. With Wren, I just wore lots of summer dresses when I was growing exponentially. With the weather still being cool, pants are a must. I just picked up a few pairs of maternity jeans and then I’ve been pairing those with longer tops that cover the bump that I can wear again post-pregnancy. I’m actually on a flight right now wearing the softest green top The Carolina from Savannah 7s. It’s perfect because it covers and is soft and comfy AND will stay in my closet!

I also picked up this beautiful sage print dress for the shower and it was so darling on! I ordered my pre-pregnancy size and it worked out great. Again, another piece that will be able to stay in my closet once baby is here. This dress sold out before I got a chance to share it with you. If you aren't already I recommend joining their Facebook VIP group to get {early!} exclusive shopping access to ALL of their New Arrivals.

Savannah Sevens Facebook VIP Group

Beyond clothing, I’ve kept the burts bees mama butter in stock at all times. I apply often and it has helped immensely. When prepping for Wren, I read a ton of blogs and viewed a vast amount of Pinterest posts in order to decide what to try with it being our first baby. I will say, the research paid off and I really feel that we used a ton of the items and kept them for McCall.

I don’t want to overwhelm you so I’ll give you my top 5! First off, the Doona. Oh, bless this thing. It is a car seat that pops into a stroller. So nice! When you have a newborn you already have an insane number of things you’ll need to pack around. Having this as a combo is awesome! Next up, the Newton crib mattress. It is a breathable mattress that gives pieces of mind in case baby gets rolled over. Wren actually used it up until we completed Call’s room and put it in his crib. There’s some controversy around the owlet smart sock but we didn’t have any issues and loved it! It monitors the heartrate and oxygen of baby and allowed us to get good rest when needed. If you’re planning to utilize formula at all, I’d also recommend the baby breeza formula machine. That thing saved us so much time and made middle of the night feedings so much easier! It’s essentially a Keurig for formula. Lastly, let’s discuss the Mom’s on Call book/app. I essentially learned how to mom from that book and utilized their app to keep Wren on a schedule. I truly attribute Wren sleeping through the night at 12 weeks to this resource. A schedule may not be your thing and that’s totally okay but it’s a must for us and as a family we all thrived. Okay – I said 5, but we’ll end on 6. The hatch sound machine is an item that Wren still uses to this day. It’s a sound machine with different sounds and lighting options. You can schedule when it should come on and go off. It helped calm Wren and put her to sleep and keep her asleep! I’m going to pick up another for Call and it’s also one of my fav gifts to give my friends as they welcome babies. 

As we are prepping for Call we wanted to make sure Wren was still feeling special. We treated her to the cutest lil' purse from Savannah 7s, The Salley {girls} and from that smile I think she loves it! 

Of course, I couldn't help but grab a few things for Call because everything is cuter when it's little right?! I picked out The Branson Chukka {infant} and The Dodson Belt {toddler & youth}. This belt has sold out but you can shop their other belts and kiddo accessories HERE!  I couldn't help but have already changed the buckle out to one my Pa Pa made for Call. 

I so hope this post is helpful! Remember, mamas all do things differently and what may work for me, may not work for you! That’ the beauty of it. We just find our own way and raise our babies the best way we know how. 

So much love to you and yours!


Velvet Brumby

Suzie Crooch

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