Haute on the Ranch: Sweet Dreams, Little Cowboy

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I am so honored to be sharing our bedtime routine with the Savannah 7’s community, today. After a busy day at work and around the farm, I always look forward to this quiet time with my little guy. Our routines have changed as he’s grown and will continue to shift, but here’s a peek into the bedtime routine I’ve currently got with my 11 month old, Hayes.

Bath time:

We don’t do a bath every evening, but when we do, it’s one of his favorite activities. He loves to splash around in the warm water and play with his floating farm animals while I wash him. As soon as he’s finished with his bath, I try and make the transition from the warm water to his changing table as cozy as possible. The Los Ojos hooded baby towel from Savannah 7’s is perfect for the job. It’s super plush, large enough to really wrap him up well, and the hood keeps his head really warm. I love this baby towel so much and also love how great it looks hanging in the bathroom! I’m big on finding baby/kid items that go well with my home decor, and all of the baby items I have from Savannah 7’s fit in so well with my house.

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Pajama Time:

After Hayes is all dry, I get him into a clean nighttime diaper. I’ve got a diaper wipe cover that I keep in my purse and another one that I keep on his changing table. Hayes’ nursery is Western themed (like the rest of our house), so the wipe covers from Savannah 7’s are perfect for his room and for my purse. Anytime I have to grab a wipe in public to clean a table, wipe a shopping cart down, or clean his hands, I always get compliments on the cover!

Once Hayes is in his diaper, we move on to oil and lotion. We brush his teeth, comb his hair and do vitamin D drops before moving on to his very favorite part of the routine- story time.

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Ever since Hayes was home from the hospital, we’ve made devotions and story time a regular part of our nightly routine. As an early childhood teacher, I know how important early literacy is- even as a newborn! It’s incredible how much your baby can learn about language and patterns through story time. Reading books to your baby can help them develop a longer attention span, expand their vocabulary and introduce them to different pictures, characters and settings than they would normally see.

We start off with devotions and prayer time, which is a really special time for me to focus on instilling the habits and principles into Hayes’ daily life that are so important to us. I’ve found a few children’s Bible story books and devotional books for kids that we read together each night. At 11 months old, we’ve worked through 4 or 5 devotional books already, which is something I’m really proud of. When Hayes was dedicated, I bought him his first Bible to mark the occasion. I had a leather cover made for his Bible, but have the STS Ranch, Powell Bible cover, for my personal Bible. I love it and know that it’s one that will be durable and beautiful for years and years to come. For Hayes’ dedication, I had our family fill out prayer cards for him, as well as underline the life verse they chose for him. Having a good cover is important, so you can store special things like prayer cards, photos, etc, without fear of them falling out and getting lost.

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I registered for a lot of children’s ranch/farm books, and find myself collecting more and more each month since Hayes loves reading so much. I’ve found some great book series that I’ve shared on my personal blog, and was so excited to see that Savannah 7’s carries one of our favorites! “Short Go Makes the NFR” and “Short Go’s Big Ranch Adventure” are such cute books. There are also coloring books that would be perfect for your toddler/young kiddos, as well.

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Milk & Water:

After we’ve read, said our prayers and he’s getting sleepy, I usually rock him to sleep while he finishes a sippy cup of milk. Savannah 7’s sent us the Western Kiddo Tumbler and he loved it. He loves being able to easily grip the cup and give himself a drink. I keep a cup with water ready for the night as well, in case he wakes up needing a drink to help him fall back asleep.

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As I lay him down, I have a playlist of some of our favorite songs that really help make him sleepy. As soon as he hears these he starts rubbing his eyes and yawning. He’s definitely associated them with sleep now, which is great! Here are a few of the songs from his playlist- they’re not “baby songs,” but are mellow and get the job done! I figured if I was going to be listening to these songs on repeat, I wanted them to be songs that I actually like too!

-“To Make You Feel My Love,” by Garth Brooks

-“A Thousand Years,” by Christina Perri

-“The Blessing,” by Bethel Music

-“Brahms’ Lullaby,” by Jewel

-“Over the Rainbow,” by Susan Boyle

-“Cowboys and Angels,” by Dustin Lynch

-“El Cerrito Place,” by Kenny Chesney

-“I Cross My Heart,” by George Strait

-“Valentine,” by Jim Brickman and Martina McBride

-“Way Maker,” by HungryGen Worship

-“Strangers,” by Maddie & Tae

Thank you so much for letting me share a glimpse of our day to day life from our farm in Oklahoma! If you have any questions about our routine or about any of the books or products we’ve got, don’t hesitate to reach out! I’d love to connect with more of you on Instagram. My handle is @TheWesternMomma stop by and say howdy, if you get a chance!

Love, Sarah Shellenberger

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