Haute On The Ranch: Livin' {everyday} Life in Turquoise

Like many of you, us Savannah Sevens girls have a long time love of turquoise! Today I'm sharing a few of our favorite tips for styling your everyday looks with turquoise. From casual t-shirt looks to dripping in turquoise for that special occasion! And proof that turquoise REALLY does go with every color in your closet.

Our most popular and fastest selling turquoise are the petite turquoise necklaces by Sand Plum Soul Designs.  No doubt why!  These beauties can be worn everyday and for every occasion.  So far this year, I have only taken mine off to shower, and it's back on!

Turquoise is timeless. It never goes out of style and can go with the simplest of outfits.

If I had to choose just one look/outfit for the rest of my life, this right here is what you would find me in.  It's a classy look that has you ready for most any occasion. A simple, well made piece of real turquoise jewelry is an investment that you can get use out of for a lifetime. 

From as basic as a petite necklace and graphic tee duo to dripping in turquoise, there's just no going wrong!

Here's my quick and easy tips for piling on the turquoise:

  • Choose a couple pieces that have green and blue hues in the stone. This allows for you to easily pull together other pieces that may be only green or only blue.
  • Add textures. Varieties of turquoise shapes and textures makes for a fun creative look.
  • Adding in different sterling silver textures and length helps break up any concern of "too much" turquoise (as if that is hardly a thing).
  • Choose necklace shapes and length that don't run exactly parallel to your neckline. For example, one of our short length petite necklaces won't look its best paired on a higher v-neck, as all the way around it would be the same distance from the shirt.  You could choose to have a longer necklace that would fall over the fabric.  Or you could pair a lower cut v-neck shirt with the short length petite turquoise necklace, to create two different "triangle" shapes. Same goes for a scoop neck shirt; it would look best to choose a necklace with a pendant so that necklace hangs to a point, creating a contrast to the round neckline.  A strand necklace lays in a circle, mimicking the neckline which what you don't want.

And last but not least, don't hesitate to pair turquoise with every color hanging in your closet.  The only time I get selective about turquoise is with the color red - unless it is during the month of December, I suggest pairing your bluer turquoise with red clothing styles.  You see where I'm going here right?!  The more green turquoise paired with a red top or dress just looks too much like Christmas. Other than that go ahead and rock and roll with putting turquoise with EVERY SINGLE outfit! It's fun to discover brand new colors that you had never thought to pair with turquoise.  Many times I have surprised women when I suggest pairing turquoise with their olive or sage styles.  It looks GO good!

Mix and match your faves and a solid maxi dress goes from basic to amazing!


 This is just casual and subtle bit of turquoise, but piling it on a tee and trading the athletic shoes for booties makes for a real fun Saturday night look too!


And proof, turquoise really does go with every color!!

Featured here are Sand Plum Soul Designs pieces that we proudly carry and others that were ordered custom designs from Sara.  Shop our exclusive collection at Savannah Sevens HERE or follow @sandplumsouldesigns on Instagram to snag a one-of-a-kind design you'll love!

Until next time...wear more turquoise. be happier. :)

~ Ryley & the Savannah Sevens Team

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  • Sally Eggleston

    Thanks so very much for featuring Sara! I ABSOLUTELY believe she is a Truly Talented Lady ❤️ Yes, I’m Partial and So Very Proud! Sara’s my Sand Plum ❤️

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