Haute on the Ranch: Jewelry for the Western Lifestyle + Inspired by a Daughter's Legacy

In fashion, what you wear makes a statement about who you are: bold with color, feminine in florals, or rugged in a western boot. But what if you could own pieces created for your personality AND with a purpose?

At the beginning of July, Savannah 7s introduced you to the brand Baby Blue Roo through our “Trailblazing the West” designer collaboration series. Maker Jill Elwood’s copper, sterling silver, and turquoise jewelry really caught your attention; but what you may not have known about your purchase is that each piece is inspired by and in honor of her late daughter, Rylee.

Bracelet: Loretto Cuff

We’re proud to partner with Jill and her brand, providing you with handmade, unique, and beautiful baubles that also tell the story of a mother’s love. And we’re just as excited to announce a second launch of our Baby Blue Roo collaboration with a custom-made shoe tag, a few new pieces, and restocks of your favorites.

So, keep reading to learn about how to brand or monogram your own shoe tag {limited time only!}; to meet the maker behind Baby Blue Roo; and to experience why Savannah 7s is passionate about personalized jewelry with a purpose.

Making Your Shoe Game Stand Out

We all take pride in where we come from – our family’s name, the place we grew up, or the life we’re currently building. Though it’s a small piece of real estate, why not put that pride on display through your footwear?

Shoe Tag: Custom Shoe Tag

With the second launch of our collaboration with Baby Blue Roo, Savannah 7s is offering – for a limited time – custom shoe tags that showcase YOU. Send us your cattle or ranch brand or initials and maker Jill Elwood will create a one-of-a-kind tag that not only steps up your shoe game, but also represents your roots.

These personalized pieces are made out of sterling silver or copper {your choice} and feature the brand you provide as well as a genuine turquoise accent stone. No brand? No problem! We already feature an exclusive Savannah 7s shoe tag design for purchase on our website.

Shoe: The Hilo {Shimmer Canvas} | Shoe Tag: Palco Shoe Tag

Get creative, but also get going – once we reach our order limit, we will no longer be able to accept additional requests. The turnaround time is only a few weeks, so shop the product HERE

Inspired by a Daughter’s Legacy

Jill Elwood wasn’t always a jewelry designer. 

When viewing her pieces, it’s easy to assume the Baby Blue Roo owner has made a lifelong profession out of creating. But Elwood only established her business a few years ago, and it has been more of a calling than a career.

Baby Blue Roo x Savannah 7s Collection

First starting with leather and beads in 2017 and more recently working with metals such as sterling silver and copper, this former sales rep for an animal health company was desperate to find a way forward after the loss of her daughter, Rylee.

“I quit my job, was lost, and was drowning in grief with a broken heart,” said Elwood. “I needed to do something for my family and myself, so I started making some jewelry to help me mentally stay busy and keep her {Rylee’s} memory alive.”

Baby Blue Roo Owner, Jill Elwood (left) and Late Daughter, Rylee (right)

Growing up around farming and ranching, and continuing that way of life with her husband, Kyle, and children, Elwood wanted her jewelry style to reflect her and her family’s love of western culture. Her biggest influence, however, is her daughter: Baby Blue Roo earned its identity from Rylee’s big blue eyes and her nickname, Rylee Roo.

“I hope my customers fall in love with each piece they purchase and know that it was handmade with love in memory of my Rylee – kind of like a little piece of Heaven to cherish and wear proudly for any occasion.”

Most of Elwood’s lightbulb moments come at night and she says her best pieces are usually born out of spur-of-the-moment ideas. She will either sit down and sketch out a rough draft of the design or simply start working at her station to see what she creates.

Bracelet: Petros Cuff

One day while hammering away on a bar branding necklace, Elwood developed the concept for the custom shoe tag that Savannah 7s is offering.

“I thought, everyone has Hey Dudes, right? Why not make a personalized shoe tag for your favorite Hey Dude shoes or any lace-up shoe, with your brand and turquoise.”

While Elwood, a Kansas resident, has her own online shop, she was excited to partner with Savannah 7s because of the local connection, the experience of working with an established western retailer, and the opportunity to keep Rylee’s legacy thriving.

Hat Pin: S7s Hat Pin

“Savannah 7s is hands down first class and cream of the crop in the western world, and it’s right here in Kansas,” said Elwood. “I started Baby Blue Roo inspired by Rylee’s western lifestyle and affluence. Each piece is a signature of her – enjoy, and thank you!”

New Releases + Old Favorites

What a response you had to the collection Baby Blue Roo created for Savannah 7s! Many of the earrings, necklaces, and cuffs were sold out – but we have good news! The styles have been restocked AND we’re adding a few additional accessories. View the jewelry below to get your hands on these pieces with a purpose. Happy shopping!

Baby Blue Roo x Savannah 7s Collection

Savannah 7s has truly enjoyed working with Baby Blue Roo in the month of July, and getting the opportunity to expose our customers to all different types of makers through our “Trailblazing the West” series. Stay tuned for our designer collaboration for August – the products are  rich, timeless and oh-so purse-onal {hint hint}!


'Til next time ~ Ryley Wimer and the S7s Gals

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