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The key to truly making your Summer AMAZING is making it SIMPLE! From soaking up the {oh so basic & simple} "Good Stuff" each day, to having on hand just the right closet staples.....Come September, you'll be looking back with a BIG, BIG smile! Hey, y'all  ~ Ryley here to share with you my personal {Savannah Sevens} must-haves that I have stocked my closet with for Summer + a few Tips, Tricks & Trends to have ready to fully LIVE your best {western} life in STYLE!! Come along with me for some try-on's, sneak peeks & style secrets!

THE Summer Color{s} That Everyone Needs!

Shades of Sage for Summer

The Oakie hat | Senoia Earrings | Mexia Necklace | The Hatfield tank | The Swayzi Short ~ all available in tonight's VIP Early Access New Arrivals via our NEW Mobile APP or the Savannah Sevens Facebook VIP Experience Group

  • Shades of Sage &/or Teal: Just why is the top color?!
    1. It's a trending color this season.
    2. Teal is the ONE color that hands down looks stunning on every single: skin tone, hair color & eye color!
    3. Shades of green off-set and tone down redness or pink undertones.  Get a little too much sun? Or fresh off the water? Greens complement the skin to make you look more tan and will also minimize any redness!
  • Shades of Yellow: want all the feel good vibes?!
    1. Yellow is proven to brighten your mood and make you feel spontaneous!
    2. Yellows and especially pale, pale yellows are super trending this season.
    3. Throw on a splash of yellow to soak up all the sun, water and good times this Summer has to offer!
  • Style Tips
    1. Wear a straw cowboy hat with every summer style look! Shorts, jeans, dresses ~ everything! Toss the sun hat to the side The Oakie hat and a lil sunscreen will keep your skin looking great & the only thing you gotta do is earn those beautiful smile lines for proof of a life well lived!
    2. Front tuck your tanks & tees in Perfect Rise & High Rise denim. Here's a quick lil how-to Reel I did a while back: The Smooth Front Tuck Reel
    3. Don't wash your hair! Seriously ~ who has time for that when you're just going to be getting in the water or sweating! Try this quick lil fun and easy knot with your caps & hats: My Hat Hair Knot How-To Reel
    4. Choose some classic jewelry pieces. And seriously wear them with every outfit you own this summer. It's classy. It's easy. It polishes a look off. My picks for this summer are the: Senoia Earrings & Mexia Necklace.  (my ring and bracelet are custom pieces by @silosilver )

Have an "All-Occasion" Dress on Hand

Summer Dresses

  • A 'Good Time' Opportunity presents itself at spur of the moment; do you have that go-to ready and waiting in your closet?!
  • Things to consider when choosing that summer staple dress:LBD jumpsuit
The LaGrange jumpsuit | The Ponderay wedge sandal both  available in tonight's VIP Early Access New Arrivals via our NEW Mobile APP or the Savannah Sevens Facebook VIP Experience Group
  1. Does your LBD {Little Black Dress} need a refresh?! This linen showstopper of a jumpsuit is now ready and waiting in my closet for any kind of "Summer Good Time" and is a fun alternative to my usual go-to black dress!
  2. A longer dress - maxi or midi length is always a safe bet for any occasion.  AND you don't have to worry about the perfectly tanned or shaved legs ;) to throw her on and go!
  3. Want a dress you can get multiple looks out of? Consider a fitted longer dress that you can keep it 'caszh', with the super haute trend of styling with a graphic tee!
Multi-Style Dress

    The Statham dress | available now on our SITE or our NEW Mobile APP 

    Take a sexy, dressy dress for the fanciest of occasions and then change it up to head to an outdoor concert or a Small Town Saturday Night Out! Just wear your bra over your dress and tuck the hemline of the tee underneath the bra! Coolest trick ever to wear a crop top look with zero midsection showing!!

    Crop Tee with Dress

    The Statham dress | The Dacono sandal | The Cattlemen's Bar tee (coming 5.18.22) | The Desperado tee available in tonight's VIP Early Access New Arrivals via our NEW Mobile APP or the Savannah Sevens Facebook VIP Experience Group

    Denim Staples Every Darlin' Needs!

     Denim Staples

    • Denim and good basics will get you everywhere you need to go this Summer.
    • Basics don't have to be basic.
    • Here's some ideas of how to style the most loved pieces in your closet:
      1. DO have a quality, good-fitting, solid color tee or tank to pair with everything from cut offs to a destroyed wide leg jeans to a dressier pair of chambray denim shorts. My go-to is always white. Nothing classier than white with denim, your favorite jewelry pieces and a good pair of leather sandals or boots! I mean, does it not give you all the vibes of the timeless, Jennifer Aniston?! I know white sounds crazy to some - but it's all good! I'm a mama to two toddlers. I just spray with OxiClean Spray and throw a OxiClean White Revive pod in with my whites and they are like new every time! (Yes, I am a Millennial that still separates my whites and darks so things stay looking like new! :)
      2. DO wear denim on denim! Just make them be at least slightly different shades so it's not like you are trying to make them matchy matchy head to toe! Spy that sleeveless pearl snap above {coming later this week} that I can't wait to pair with my bootcuts or straight legs and a straw hat and be horseback with.
    Denim Jacket with Activewear
    The Tescott jean jacket | The Delray Beach flip flop | The Hansen long line bralette | The Bentonville short  ~ both available in tonight's VIP Early Access New Arrivals via our NEW Mobile APP or the Savannah Sevens Facebook VIP Experience Group
    3.  DO mix and match denim with activewear pieces! My current favorite thing is: on a cool morning or evening, take a crop tank or long line bra tank and style it under a denim jacket like The Tescott or The Conyers (available in tonight's VIP Early Access) and pair with shorts or a pair of our super comfy leggings.  Add flip flops or a pair of white athletic shoes and voila!! & when it warms up just peel off the jacket and catch some rays!


    Soaking up the Sun in Style!

     Sunshine Dresses

    • Something you will wear all the time & can wear for different purposes, is always a good investment!
    Game Time Dress
    Aledo Cap | The Clearwater dress ~ both available in tonight's VIP Early Access New Arrivals via our NEW Mobile APP or the
     Savannah Sevens Facebook VIP Experience Group

    • Pool time, tee time or game time our Recreation and Mono B Activewear lines are out of this world comfy, butter soft, stretchy, cool & flattering! Early morning ballgame with your kids?! Throw on a cute cap and casual dress ~ and in minutes you'll feel & look like you've got your life together even though none of us really do, haha! Hey I'm all about the up swing of my mood when: I look good, I feel good!! :) And even better when it takes minimal effort & not doing my hair!
    Lake Time Look
    • Get yourself an ultra comfy tee or tank dress that can be worn as a swimsuit coverup, that then can take you to the local bar & grill after a long, fun day at the lake!

     Western Swimsuit Coverup Dress

    The Oakie cowboy hat | The Ruskin handbagThe Delray Beach flip flop  | BEX Wesley Sunglasses {gold sky} | The Sandy Springs dress | The Siskiyou Spa Towel ~ both available in tonight's VIP Early Access New Arrivals via our NEW Mobile APP or the  Savannah Sevens Facebook VIP Experience Group

    So to wrap up all my fun tips ~ here are your takeaways: 

    1. Wear shades of sage & teal & look your tannest! 
    2. Slap {some yellow and} a smile on.
    3. Don't wash your hair; just wear a straw cowboy hat with everything you own!
    4. Have a KA dress on hand ~ ready for a damn good time!
    5. Make your man cock his head funny when you put your bra on over your dress {& style with a tee}!!
    6. Mix & match your denim with all the styles you own - especially the activewear.
    7. Hats & tee/tank dresses will take you everywhere you truly want to be this summer!

    Cheers to soaking up all the fun and simple things Summer Life has to offer. Do me a favor: and try your darnedest to truly go LIVE everyday to the fullest! Thanks for following along with us for all things Savannah Sevens ~ Ryley here logging off to go drink a cold one!!

    P.S. if you spied any styles in the background, not yet available, they will be going live in this coming Tuesday's and Thursday's New Arrival Launches in our NEW Mobile APP or the  Savannah Sevens Facebook VIP Experience Group

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