Haute on the Ranch: For the Love of Leather

Leather has been a part of cowboy culture since the 19th century. From boots to saddles, spurs to chaps, this durable material, made from the process of tanning animal hides, was often utilized because of its capacity to withstand the challenging elements of the frontier.

Though still revered for its sturdy quality, leather’s prominence in the western way of life also has become about style. The rich colors, the smooth texture, the luxe look – leather is found throughout fashion, with handbags, wallets, shoes and belts all sporting unique designs, distressing, and details. And just like a fine wine, this natural material only gets better with time.

Savannah 7s has a deep appreciation for the impact leather has had on cowboys and cowgirls throughout history as well as its dependable nature and chic presentation. Five years ago, we started offering handcrafted leather goods from Bed|Stü and we’re proud to say they are August’s “Trailblazing the West” collaborator. For the first time, Savannah 7s is debuting a special collection of Bed|Stü handbags that our two brands have worked on together.

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“We feel Bed|Stü values our business and truly believes in the unique and quality experience we strive to give our customers,” said owner Ryley Wimer about the inaugural collaboration. “Our two companies compliment each other so well with our never ending expectation to design and offer fresh new styles while staying true to our roots.”

So keep reading to explore our specially curated collection with Bed|Stü – the three styles, their finishes and function, and how Ryley would wear each. Additionally, learn more about this “Trailblazing the West” maker, all of their products we carry, and how it is Bed|Stü first came to be at Savannah 7s.


Three Bags, Three Ways: Casual, Career and Carryall 

Whether you’re a working woman, a momma always on the go, or a gal about town {or all three!}, Savannah 7s’ new curated collection with Bed|Stü has a handbag to handle all of your requirements.

For August’s “Trailblazing the West” collaboration, we are launching a set of Bed|Stü bags with you in mind. There is the crossbody, the shoulder, and the tote handbag. Each has been created using two different finishes: either rustic  – a layer-by-layer process that gives a weathered look – or dip dye – a technique applied in one motion to enhance the richness. Completing these exclusive bags is a Bed|Stü by Savannah 7s custom patch.


The Saco Crossbody: This hands-free bag with fringe tassel detail is perfect for those casual weekends when you’re at the grocery store, a ball game, or country concert. It has just enough room to pack the important things like an ID and credit card, cell phone, lipstick, and a little snack. Ryley suggests pairing The Saco with one of our fun graphic tees {The State of Mind is shown in the photo}, distressed denim {The Austin Shorts are shown in the photo}, and The Bowies leather sneaker.


The Decatur Shoulder Bag: Armed with a laptop, cellphone, earbuds {all the gadgets}, planner, files and most definitely a cup of coffee, any career woman would appreciate this handbag. It’s spacious enough to hold your office essentials and features two additional slip pockets and one zipper pocket. Ryley suggests pairing The Decatur with The Sauble button up, The Talynn High Rise Slim Trouser Jean, and The Ponderay wedge.


The Alameda Tote Bag: To the mom who is constantly chasing after kiddos, from school to doctor’s appointments to lessons to church and everything in between, we tip our hat to you – and we offer a small solution. This carryall bag is big enough to transport a variety of items necessary to get you and your kids from point A to point Z. The inside is roomy and contains pockets galore. Ryley suggests pairing The Alameda with anything comfortable! Try The Kinston top with The Kersey high waisted jogger and the Hawaiian cowboy cruiser, The Hilo {Aloha}.


For the Love of Leather

Courtesy of Bed|Stü

Recognized for creating high quality, hand-crafted leather goods for more than 25 years, Bed|Stü is a brand that values craftsmanship, artistry and sustainability. They juxtapose traditional construction techniques with a forward-thinking focus on environmental responsibility.

Established in Los Angeles, Bed|Stü was started by a family with a dream and humble means. In credit card debit and providing for two children, they rented an office space and warehouse from a church to launch their new venture. The name Bed|Stü was inspired by a section of Brooklyn, New York called Bedford Stuyvesant and its early logo, boxing gloves, encompasses both the tough nature of New Yorkers and the strength of leather.

 Courtesy of Bed|Stü

Bed|Stü’s first product was men’s shoes, but the company soon realized it was the smaller sizes that were mostly selling. The brand was most popular with women, so lucky for all of us, they began introducing female-focused pieces into their line. Ideas for their leather finishes began to come from the outside world – bread at a French bakery influencing the luxe finish; wood on the Southern California shores inspiring the driftwood finish; and a weathered bolt providing motivation for the rust finish.

As time has gone on, Bed|Stü’s concern with their impact on the planet has driven them to create their own vegetable tanning process and use water-based glues.

Courtesy of Bed|Stü

A cowgirl since childhood, Savannah 7s owner Ryley Wimer has been drawn to quality leather in both her riding days and as a retail entrepreneur. She began carrying Bed|Stü in 2018 after noticing the company’s emphasis on artisan practices and its celebration of individual character in each piece.

Photographer: AH Photography Co.

“I've always had a strong attraction to rich, soft leathers. Like a good saddle leather, I love that the leather of Bed|Stü handbags takes on more character and only gets better with time,” she said. “The attention to detail, quality craftsmanship and unique features inside and out make their products top of the line.”

The customer response to Bed|Stü has been striking. Almost all of the color variations in the handbags perfectly compliment the leather finishes of the footwear, making it effortless to style them with whatever other Savannah 7s pieces are in your closet.

Photographer: AH Photography Co.

“We believe investing in accessories that will last you for years, if not decades, is something worth spending hard earned dollars on.”


A Necessary Accessory

Savannah 7s offers more than 40 different Bed|Stü items. The color and character of the leather, the quality of the product, and the on-trend designs make it an excellent match with our other apparel and a brand we’re proud to provide to our customers. In addition to our “Trailblazing the West” custom collection, you also can shop other Bed|Stü handbag styles as well as footwear, belts and leather conditioning cream. We like to think of them as a necessary accessory! 


‘Til next time… Ryler Wimer and the S7s Gals

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