Haute on the Ranch: Fall Fashion Forecast

There’s just something about autumn.

Even though we get four seasons, fall always seems to be the favorite. Maybe it’s the warm and soothing coffee drinks, or Friday nights under the stadium lights. Maybe it’s the vibrant hues of gold and pumpkin and fiery red beginning to blossom. If you live in a warm {or downright hot} climate, it’s the slightest shift in temperature – a reprieve from the summer heat you’ve been praying for.

At Savannah 7s, this time of year makes us giddy up and go because of the fashion. It’s always exciting to see what styles and colors, textures and patterns are popular on the runway and how they translate into our everyday lives. Keeping the couture trends in mind, this year we’ve traveled to Nashville, Dallas and Las Vegas looking for ALL THE THINGS, and we’re chomping at the bit to show you our finds.

In addition to picking up those classic staples that will live in your closet for years to come and the modern, western pieces that pull at our cowgirl heartstrings, we’re also bringing you what’s haute right now. From metallic to sheer to the seventies, here is your sneak peek of what’s to come at Savannah 7s for Fall 2023.


Metallics: Copper Cowgirl

Metallics have been “in vogue” since spring, but as we transition to fall, there is one shiny shade that keeps making its presence known: copper. From bold satins to subtle sheens and pops of it in a pattern, copper is this season’s answer to spicing up typical neutral tones.

The color is certainly galvanizing – the richness of its reddish-brown hue, and the range of its striking color variations make it the perfect attention-getter. Dress boldly for all the head turns or simply give a glimpse with just a pop of copper. Either way, we think you’ll feel lucky as a penny in this popular fall trend.


Statement Sleeves

It was made abundantly clear on the catwalk this season shoulders are the part of the body fall apparel is accentuating. We noticed this trend at market in the form of statement sleeves.

Whether they’re puffed or sheer, sculpted or one-sided, statement sleeves highlighting your shoulders {and arms} are everywhere. Make an entrance, elevate your outfit, or simply have fun with each unique shape. Adding even one piece to your closet will certainly help you make a statement this fall.


Sexy Sheer

While we wouldn’t recommend sporting your undergarments as outerwear, we can tell you the lingerie look was all over the fall runways. When done right, it can be {cowgirl} chic with a hint of sizzle. One of the ways to achieve this style is with sheer fabric.

From dresses to tops to bodysuits, we couldn’t help but notice the popularity of this transparent trend. One of the benefits of owning an item in this fabric is that it can be dressed up or down: combine a sheer bodysuit {peep the paisley print} with wide leg jeans for a cool and casual day around town, or mix a sheer top with leather shorts and cowgirl boots for a fun night out. However you decide to pair this peek-a-boo trend, we think it’s sheer genius!


Retro Inspired

Get your Farrah Fawcett feathered hair ready, because the 1970’s are calling and we’re happy to answer! Ok, so maybe we won’t get in a time machine and travel all the way back to the decade of disco, but the pieces we’ve been spotting at market are seventies-inspired, and quite frankly, we’re feeling inspired!

The plaid patterns, the modern cuts of corduroy, updated clogs and oh-so-much denim. You can fully embrace the energy of the era –– try The Joplin top, The Swayde High Rise Wide Leg Jeans, and The Rocklin clogs –– or you might want to make small 70’s strides –– like a mini or maxi dress and cowgirl boots. However you try this hip{pie} trend, it’s sure to leave you feeling a little groovy, darlin’.


Living for Leather

Will leather ever go out of style? Not. A. Chance. But what makes this season’s leather worth noting is its regular appearance at market in unexpected designs.

In place of a typical black leather moto jacket was a variety of colors, including a classic buttery cream style that will pair with anything. We also saw leather puffer vests with the softest and smoothest texture and unique all-leather dresses. Though you may already own plenty of leather {and who could blame you} be prepared to purchase at least one new and elevated piece this fall.


Quilted Western

We have good news for you! The casual, comfortable look you’re already accustomed to while running errands, shuttling kids around or traveling for work made its appearance on the runway this fall. That’s right – everyday, relaxed clothing showed up everywhere {which we love!} but what elevated it to couture fashion was how it was presented. 

One of the most common sightings we had at market was a chic, yet urban twist on pullovers and jackets –– by way of quilting. This crosshatch design takes street style to the next level. And within each of these quilted pieces was details galore: mixed fabrics, pocket features, longer lengths and interesting shapes.

So how do you style this fresh take on laidback looks? Add a good pair of denim, rich Bed|Stü leather shoes + handbag, and pops of turquoise for that casual cowgirl who always enjoys a fashion moment.


We hope this fall preview has not only made you excited for what you can expect to find at Savannah 7s this season, but also has provided you with ideas and inspiration on how to integrate these new trends into your current closet. Be sure to download our app, because as our fall pieces start rolling in, you will be able to shop our New Arrivals early + earn 20% off your first in-app purchase!

‘Til next time… Ryley Wimer & the S7s Gals

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