Haute on the Ranch: {Couples & Family} Photoshoot Styling

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Ryley walks you through how she curates photoshoot looks for her and her hubby & family shoots too!  Lil extra bonus with a peek down memory lane of her engagement & past family shoots.  Timeless details for you to take away and create your own!
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I want to share with you a handful of quick and easy tips to follow, that may help you put together looks for your next photoshoot!  I'll also show you how these tips tied into creating some of our past photoshoot looks.  And I'll finish it out with a few wild & western things {from experience} to avoid happening at your next shoot!
The Determining Factors of The Styles you Choose
Things to keep in mind when determining the look or theme of your shoot.
  • Background colors - if the shoot location has been determined first, be sure to choose a color scheme that is going to compliment this.  Nature and outside/rustic backgrounds are going to provide the best neutral feel that won't usually interfere with your colors.  Just be mindful if there is a colorful building or background that you want to be sure not to clash with.
  • Weather - wind is usually the most common thing that can really make a girl's outfit take a turn for the worst.  *If planning to wear a sheer, lightweight, flowy fabric you want to avoid windier days that will make that piece either suck to you like a glove or ballon out.  Either one is no bueno!  Light breeze or no wind are perfect though for these kinds of styles.
  • Skin-tone & Hair color - always keep in mind the colors that work best with each person's skin tone and hair color.  Usually your favorite color(s) are what you gravitate to as they are what compliments your look the best.  Don't try to branch out and try new colors that you have never worn before - there's likely a reason you don't wear those colors.
The Order of Curating the Looks
There's most definitely an order to putting together a couples or family shoot!
    1. The Starter Look: You want to decide who or what piece/style of clothing is your MUST have for the shoot. Let's be honest girls - it's typically our look! 😊. Or our kids!  Sorry guys you typically come last.  But only because you just look good in everything! 😉 Whoever is going to wear the statement look(s) whether that be because of the color, style or pattern - let that determine the theme and look of everyone else's. 
    2. Avoid too much matchy matchy! You want everyone to compliment each other but still have their own look. For families - if one person has a main color on up top, let a child incorporate that in a different type of clothing.  For couples I suggest choosing the guy's shirt to pull a similar or complimentary color to yours.  Stick with all cool tones for everyone or all warm/earth tones for everyone.
    3. Do your denim's right. You don't have to have your denims match but there are wide variety's of color washes and it is good to put them all next to each other to make sure they flow.
    4. Are you going to the same party?! A common couples look mistake is that the guy and the girl look like they're each headed to a different party with a totally different dress code!  It can be hard to get a guy to dress out of their tried and true look for a shoot.  You want him to be himself and not look as though he is playing "dress up" with you - I get that.  But, a suggested compromise is having two looks.  One where you might choose a dressier/trendier or say more western look and you create a look for him that compliments that.  I'm talking toss the Hey Dudes or work boots for the sake of the shoot.  Avoid washed out, old faithfuls on the jeans too! 😉. And then maybe choose to do a more casual - this is us on the tailgate of the truck look so that you get some of both looks!  A lil compromise never hurt anyone! If you are curious what styles I would choose to put the guys in, I have specifically curated our new men's denim line and button down shirts completely of styles for couples and groomsmen.  Reach out to me if we can ever be of help selecting the right look for him to compliment yours!
    5. I'm Basic. And I'll always be happy with Basic! I've always been a basics, neutrals kinda gal.  My go-to's for creating a unique and curated look have always been to add in statement accessories and a subtle amount of current trends without being too loud. I naturally gravitate towards a lot of white and denim.  Boring?  Maybe.  But when you make an investment on a professional photographer, it's because you want to hang those images in your home for years to come.  Do you really want loud and out there, extreme trendy styles or patterns glaring at you on your walls when those fads have faded?  I mean things like that are always a great conversation piece with your guests. 😉 Do know color isn't a bad thing - it's really good to incorporate by tying that in through each person's look! If you really think about the color schemes you decorate your home with and the colors you wear on a regular basis, you will be doing you and being true to yourself. Because of this you will love the images always, and be something you treasure!

Michael and Ryley's Engagement Shoot 2016 

Julisa Haines Photography


Leather and denim just never go out of style.

Though sequin skirts were a haute trend, but being a neutral color it wasn't something I would tire of looking at the pictures on my wall.

There's a reason I'm the one on foot...

Racing our horses at sunset on the ridge to get that epic shot.... Yep. The snap on my reins broke and I had a temporary run away in the hills of Ottawa Co. Kansas that eve!

Cowgirl Life Lesson: thank you mama for teaching me at age 5 to pull that rein around hard till you can get a runaway into a smaller and smaller circle and finally under control!


Blayke's 1st Birthday Shoot 2018

Maryssa Lewis Photography

Of course her being the star of the show she got to wear all the pretty color!

& here's the live and learn: picked out my hubby's fave pair of jeans, thinking maybe it would make him smile for pics. Squats down and rips the knee out. Nix the old denim for pics - got it now!

Well you can see the other reason I picked his jeans - they matched my jacket! Oh and reminder if you are going to do denim on denim - don't have them match! Balance.  


Family & Maternity Shoot the week Before Bronson Debuted June 2019

Julisa Haines Photography

We have the smiliest, laughingest kid.  Just. Not. This. Day. Par for the course on picture day. 

Blues and greens. Cool but still earthy and neutral.

This was the most circus of all shoots I've ever attempted. This is the day I decided no more live animals in family shoots once we add another kid. Too much green grass for a lil plump starving pony, no nappin toddler and humid Kansas evening are just more fun than this mama is cut out for. 


Family Shoot September 2019

Sarah Q Photography

All the denim blues. (note these were not the guys' original shirts)

Total Sh*tshow. {literally}

See that blowout on Bronson's cute lil backside and Michael?!  Yeah. And those nice blues and browns of their shirts.... Word to the wise - bring backup outfits when you have lil babes, cause this was only 10 minutes in!


Bronson's 1st Birthday Family Shoot June 2020

Native Roaming Photography

Bring cubes.  The cows and the kids will both love them! haha

Hang these two next to each other.  That's how you get a complete good family photo with toddlers involved!

New lesson learned: don't wear dainty necklaces with kids. He yanked that puppy off in the side by side ride out to take pics. Solid decision.

Wrangler and Bailey's Blossom pulling through for the kids' looks!

New fave of us!

Michael is in The Perry shirt and The Durham M5 Rebar Straight Leg Jean. Love that the Ariat Rebar Denim Line is even still clean and classy enough for photoshoots as well as hardy enough for work.  Guys love the front knife pocket in them too!

This wraps up this edition of Haute on the Ranch!  Just remember keep it basic, timeless and as always in #damngooddenim! Drop us your feedback below!  I would love to hear what you think.  Thanks for following along here at Savannah Sevens ~ Ryley




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