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After winning an art contest in the third grade, Allie Falcon went through life disconnected from creating and crafting until adulthood. Armed with an agricultural communications degree, she was hired for a corporate marketing position after college because she needed a job. While there, Allie befriended the company’s graphic designer and art once again entered her life. 

Allie learned a variety of tips and tricks from her friend and those lessons sparked a passion for design, as well as working with other mediums. When her husband took a job on a ranch a good distance from her corporate career in the city, Allie decided to start investing her paychecks into equipment that would take her from hobby to head of her own company. 

Though she’s been creating for several years now, Allie says it’s easy to still question her creativity, but the feedback she receives from her customers has been paramount in providing confidence and validation.

“I was such an insecure girl growing up and I still struggle to believe my creations would be special to anyone else but me,” said Allie. “So when my designs resonate with other women, it literally gives me goosebumps. The connection I have with those out there that love my art as much as I do makes me feel understood.”

During February 2023, Allie was Trailblazing the West’s featured maker, showcasing her southwest designs on a variety of products like candles, apparel, stickers and koozies.

Q & A

I want them to feel beautiful, comfortable and like they stand out from the crowd!

Sometimes I sit down at my computer and knock out a drawing that flashed in my mind and it's finished in no time. When I feel uninspired or stuck, I walk out in the pasture to take photos of plants or animals, or hit up a junk store. Next, I create a mood board with the colors, patterns and textures I found, and then I'll sketch with a good old fashioned pencil and paper before taking it over to the computer or iPad.

Someone that can look at an oversaturated market, find what is missing in that market and then find a way to fill that gap with something amazing. That could be a clothing style, a product, a new tone of voice, a cause to represent or simply anyone that is being exactly who they are in a world full of people trying to be trendy.

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