Choosing your inseam

Denim Inseam

Steps to choosing your inseam:

  1. Shoe Type - first determine the heel height you will most commonly wear with the jean. 
  2. Cuff or No Cuff - decide if you will be cuffing the denim.
    1. Bootcut jeans are an easy style to cuff when worn with a casual shoe or cowboy boot but can then be let down when worn with a heel. 
    2. Straight Leg Jeans can be worn with or without a cuff. If bought longer the cuff can be adjusted when horseback.
    3. Straight crop and skinny jeans can be cuffed or not.
    4. Trouser Jeans do not easily cuff but if a cuff is needed it looks best with a flatter sole shoe rather than a heel.
    5. Flares do not cuff easily. Unfinished hems are easy to cut to ideal length if a little too long.
  3. Compare to a jean length you currently have and like - by measuring a jean you own, you can easily determine the length you are wanting. Be sure to use a soft measuring tape for best results.  See image below for how to measure.

Measuring Denim Inseam