Haute on the Ranch: Styling Your Next Photo Session

Photos with the people we love are some of the things we cherish the most. They capture moments in time we want to remember forever: a wedding day, birth of a child, dream job, or an entire family gathering together for the first time in years.

When you’ve made the decision to have professional photos taken, we all know it’s not as simple as Googling a photographer and showing up. There are several factors to consider, including wardrobe, weather and location. Here at Savannah Sevens, we know a thing or two about photoshoots and we’ve put together our top tips to help you with capturing your next memorable moments.

Details to Consider

Photos of @justiejensen and fiancé Brock by @blanco.imagery | Styled by Savannah Sevens

When you are in the first stages of planning your photoshoot, use its purpose to help determine the look or theme. Professional headshots for a Fortune 500 company will present a different feeling than ones for a fashion publication. A newborn shoot will have the baby swaddled and cozy while a child’s first birthday will depict all of the cake smashing fun. After you’ve decided on a theme, also take these elements into consideration:

  1. Location: Where are your photos going to be taken? In a wheat field? Against a downtown mural? Remember this when selecting what you’re going to wear. You want to choose colors and styles that compliment not clash with your background. Nature or a rustic backdrop provide the best neutral ground that usually won’t interfere with your color story.
  2. Personal Features: Keep in mind what colors work best with each person’s skin tone and hair color when choosing your wardrobe. We all have our favorite colors we wear, and we usually gravitate toward them for a reason – because they flatter us the most! Our suggestion would be to avoid branching out and donning new hues you’ve never worn before. Stick with what you know, and if you need more help, soft earth tones like green and blue are the most universal.
  3. Weather: If you live in the Midwest like we do, it’s not uncommon to see four seasons in one month! While you do your best to keep an eye on the forecast and choose a few clothing options if the weather is looking temperamental, wind is the most common factor when shooting outdoors. When mother nature is blowing, she can make a girl’s outfit take a turn for the worst! Something to remember – sheer, lightweight or flowy fabrics will either stick to you like a glove or balloon out on windy days, so keep those fits for a light breeze or a still afternoon.  

Curating The Looks

Photo by Amber Hoskins @ahphotographyco

There is a bit of a science behind assembling your photoshoot fits,  particularly when it’s more than just you in the picture. You’ll want to start with an outfit that the rest will be built around. From there, you should consider solids versus patterns, being too matchy-matchy, but keeping things cohesive, and the role of denim. Here are our style suggestions:

  1. The Statement Fit: Otherwise known as THE outfit that the rest of the ensemble will be created around. This is the look you absolutely have to have in the shoot. And we’re going to be honest about this one – sorry fellas, it’s usually your lady’s look that wins. Decide on this single outfit and let that be your guide for everyone else’s attire.
  2. Same Party, But Avoid Twinning: For couples, be sure to look like you’re attending the same party. You don’t want the man dressing for a black tie affair while his baby’s got her blue jeans on. Dress in similar trends or colors and even try selecting two looks – one that is more on the dressy side, while the other reflects your everyday style. What you want to avoid in larger groups is being too matchy-matchy. You want to create a cohesive look where everyone compliments each other without looking like a sports team in their uniform. One person can wear the main color while a child wears a variation of that hue and someone else has that color in a pattern. We have found it best to stick with cool tones because they generally work for everyone and the colors photograph well.
  3. Denim Diversity: We suggest utilizing different denim types and washes in photoshoots so there is unique diversity within the photo that interestingly enough, creates balance. There are so many different denim styles; allow people to wear what fits and feels best.
  4. Elevated Basics: There is nothing wrong with being basic! Bringing in neutrals allow for several different looks to work together. They also make it easy to add statement accessories like a hat or a bold squash blossom to give the photos something extra. Additionally, when you’re investing in a professional to snap your pictures, you usually display those memories in your home for many years. Neutrals and elevated basics allow for the photos to stand the test of time whereas a wardrobe too loud or trendy will look out of date and out of place when those fads fade.

Examples of Photoshoots ~ Savannah Sevens Style

Headshots/Individual Photoshoot

Photos by Sierra Lang @sierralangphotography

This is Julee, our marketing coordinator. She had these personal shots taken just after accepting her position with Savannah 7s. She utilized these images as both a headshot for our website and as fun Instagram pics to announce her new professional chapter. This is an example of not needing a suit and studio backdrop for her employment photos. She chose an outdoor country theme to match with Savannah 7s’ western roots while keeping the mood lighthearted and fun.

If you're putting together ideas for an individual photoshoot, or even if you're just looking for an Instagram-worthy fit, here are Savannah 7s owner Ryley's picks from elevated casual to cute and feminine to eye-catching cowgirl.

Couples Photoshoot

Photos by Temri Vogt @temriphotography

Kylee, an operations specialist at Savannah 7s, had these photos taken to commemorate her engagement to now husband Riley. The two wanted to celebrate taking the next step in life by capturing imagery that is authentically them. This couple’s shoot not only demonstrates their love, it also shows what a good time they have together as best friends while putting their country lifestyle on display.

Check out our curated collection of three different couple's looks that provide examples of mixing colors and patterns; pairing different shades; and picking complimentary casual and dressy styles.

Family Photoshoot

Photos by Jade Robben @jadecreates

Savannah 7s marketing manager Peyton gathered her family together for a photoshoot that was set “in their own backyard.” She wanted to capture the little piece of heaven – the country – that they call home while documenting the life she and husband Jon are building together. Family photoshoots are heartfelt expressions of love and growth, providing important memories everyone can look back on.


Extended Family Photoshoot

Photos by Amber Hoskins @ahphotographyco

Ryley, owner of Savannah 7s, gathered with her husband Michael’s side of the family for a photoshoot that captured the pure blessing of blending a family. The images demonstrate the life they have all built together and how family are also friends. Taking photos of your extended family are meaningful ways to show history and legacy between generations and those you grew up with and those that married into the family.

Central Kansas Photographers

If you happen to be a resident of Kansas, we wanted to recommend a few of our local photographers that we’ve used, either on professional photoshoots or for individual needs. Each has their own unique style and area of specialty, but they do have one thing in common – talent! Give these ladies an inquiry if you live in the area and are looking for an expert to capture your memories.


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