Haute on the Ranch: Statement Styling -- The Duster

The duster we’re referring to is slightly different than the one protecting you and your duds from the elements of a hard day’s ranch work -- although we do appreciate the importance of having that piece in your wardrobe too. No, the duster we’re referring to has become a different kind of staple in the closets of western fashionistas and cowgals across our great land. This duster is filled with sass, flirts with all your favorite denim and never thinks twice about making a statement. She packs a punch wherever she goes and never leaves you out in the cold. Dress her up or dress her down, just make sure you never hit the road without her in tow.

Just a Little Outerwear -- I suppose we would consider this the “classic” way to style your duster -- the “icing” on the cake, if you will. It’s the final piece that you throw on over a fun top and your favorite pair of jeans, that “oh so sexy” romper or your favorite mini.

 Shown: The Bakersfield duster, The Dacono dress, Flagler Earrings, The Granada Belt, Booties (not sold)

 Shown: The Camarillo duster/dress, The Canon top, Taos Cuff, Tennessee Bracelet,
Odessa Earrings, Castle Rock Necklace, Corral Boots (not sold)

 Shown: The Lamar duster/dress, The Keeney tee, The Rio Bravo wristlet,
Taos Cuff, Horseshoe Lake Necklace, Stetson Hat (not sold)

Another Layer or Two -- Around here, we tend to embrace the whole “the more the merrier” motto when it comes to layering. The duster is no different. It can go on top or become one of the many layers in between -- we love it either way, and we know you will too!

Shown: The Tulsa duster/dress, The Huxton fringe vest, The West Texas Wind tank,
Taos Cuff, Cayaton Earrings, The Crowley Clutch, Warbonnet Hat (not sold)

 Shown: The Checotah duster/dress, The Loveland sweater vest, The 7s tee,
Horseshoe Lake Necklace, Taos Cuff, The Rio Bravo wristlet, Stetson Hat (not sold)

Duster Dressin’ -- In our experience, we’ve found it can be a little tough to find that perfect duster. But we’ve also discovered that some of our favorite button down dresses are just dusters in disguise, so be sure to keep an open mind when you’re on the prowl.

 Shown: The Mesquite duster/dress, The Cayaton Earrings, The Nevada Clutch,
Warbonnet Hat (not sold), Booties (not sold) 

Shown: The Outlaw duster/dress, Navajo Necklace, Catori Necklace,
Faith Earrings, Mercedes Cuff, The Gringas boots 

By now, you’ve probably figured out that there’s some serious duster lovin’ going on around here, and we really hope you're starting to feel the same way wherever you call home. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to keep an eye out for the next edition of Haute on the Ranch -- we’ll be sharing some insights on our style picks for the Wrangler NFR in Las Vegas and what we wore to the ERA coming up in just a few weeks in Dallas.

~ Sammie & Ryley


  • Cindy Montgomery

    Hi. I would like The price on the Lamar duster dress and tee, please. Thanks

  • Alana M McGill

    I would like the price on the Camarillo duster

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