Haute on the Ranch: Our [Own] Every Day Style

Alright friends… As much as we’d love for you all to think that we “get dressed up and do the damn thing” each day, we’d be lying. Most mornings the real dilemma is somewhere between “do I shower this morning and dry my hair?” OR “do I put on a ball cap, some eyeliner and mascara?” Yep, guilty as charged… All these cute clothes and accessories, and we’re really just praying we have some decently clean jeans and another t-shirt in our closet.

So, with that being said, here’s a look at the tried and true looks you’re most likely to catch us out in over the next three to six months… And don’t judge if it’s the same thing twice -- if you didn’t see us yesterday, it’s fair game for tomorrow. ;)

From Ryley:

My newest go-to's for this spring/summer are going to be lightweight and slightly flowy tanks and tops. They’ll trend towards muted earth tones and neutrals, along with some retro/southwest patterned details like the ones in The Chula tank. It's definitely a new favorite with those terracotta accents!

My solid staples are my pocket tees. Every color and style. You put a slouchy pocket on these amazing fitting and feeling fabrics, and I'm sold. I love that they can be casual or dressed up with statement accessories. Another version of these that will soon be taking over my closet are the pocket tee dresses, like The Stillwater -- cause this girl is expecting a baby come August, so when the no pants fit thing happens, no problem. ;)  

And then we have the graphic tees... I love them a little too much, maybe. No, scratch that, surely that can't be a thing... Our new embroidered patch tees are my latest obsession. Muted earth tones like dusty rose and sage/blue sage are making waves this season, and with that being said, I {may or may not, lol} have every color and style of our new serape saguaro cactus tees and tanks in my closet including ~ The Cactus {dusty rose} tank which has got all THE season's trends wrapped into one piece!

Lastly, if you know me at all you know I live in caps.  Yes, the Desert Cap is sold out but more of this exact style along with some similar ones are on their way! When the dry shampoo no longer does the trick you will see me in a hat -- possibly even on the days that I just don't want to do more than a braid.

From Sammie:

I’m a sucker for wearing the same things pretty much year round -- especially if it’s something I love (secretly, I’m a minimalist at heart). In general, I trend towards slightly darker neutrals in comfy, casual cuts. The Brand Your Cattle and The Brands tees are long-time favorites because (1) they’re gray and (2) they are SO comfy! Anytime I have one of them on, you can almost always bet that I’ll have on the Kimes Ranch Camo Cap and the Carson Necklace, along with some sort of jacket (like this light weight military one) tied around my waist. This is my go-to look on days when I’ve got to be out running around in the Oklahoma wind because I don’t have to fuss with my hair (or wash it, lol).

Another look you’ll catch me out in pretty regularly is The Huntsville camo tee and some jeans. Camo is basically another neutral in my book (kind of like turquoise), so I’m in it at least a couple times a week. Truth be told, I actually have more than one of these tees because I love the cut and fit so much, and I knew that one just wouldn’t hold up for how much I’d want to wear it. Throw on the Bob Berg necklace my sis got me a few years ago, some fun earrings and my favorite shoes, and I’m ready for whatever the day might bring.

Now, on the off-chance we make it to the city for brunch one morning, you’ll most likely see me in The Mikoda, some cut-offs and my mocs -- some extra denim for my top-half in case it's a little chilly. The jersey fabric of this pocket tee truly has my heart! It’s SO soft and hangs just right!

And last but not least… the ever-elusive one-time-a-month where I need to be a little more “everyday less casual”... The Tatanka tank is one we’ve had since fall, but I love is that it carries over for spring and summer. Paired with some vintage Nocona boots I swiped from my mama a couple years ago, these gorgeous Silo Silver earrings, The Rio Bravo Wristlet, and a black blazer/jacket, and I’m ready for a full day of running around the city followed by whatever the night might throw at me.

No matter what your “everyday” style is, it should be all your OWN! Sometimes it can feel like pressure to constantly have to get dressed up and look a certain part, and we’re here to tell you that casual and comfy is more than just fine. Heck, it’s pretty much all we know!

Til next time,

~Sammie & Ryley

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