Haute on the Ranch: On a More Personal Note...

Well friends, we’ve returned from Dallas market and are preparing to leave for MAGIC in Las Vegas here in a few weeks -- and we’re SO excited about the styles we’ve picked up for the upcoming Spring, Summer and Fall seasons! Seriously, the color palettes coming together are probably some of our favorites of ALL TIME. Not to mention an incredible custom project we’re working on that will roll out in the next few months… ;)

One of the great things about market is that it gives us a chance to get together and collaborate outside of the shop. And since we’re pretty terrible at sharing much regarding our personal lives, most people may not realize that we (Ryley and Sammie) actually live in different states.

So it got us thinking that maybe one of our 2017 resolutions should be to do a better job connecting with our customers on a personal level through the blog and social media. In truth, one of our favorite parts of this business -- and the western lifestyle in general -- is getting to know and build relationships with wonderful people and customers.  

That being said, here’s a “cliff notes re-introduction” to [just a few] of the faces behind Savannah Sevens -- including some updates on our lives since we made our first blog post more than two years ago.

Gotta love those Kansas sunrises... 

Owner, visionary, style expert and product photog maven, Ryley Austin (now Wimer) was born and raised in central Kansas about a 100 miles northwest of Wichita, Ryley graduated with a construction degree from Oklahoma State University before taking up residence outside of Fort Worth. After nearly four years of the city life, she made the great return to her home state of Kansas and joined the family [construction] business. So, for anyone thinking construction and fashion don’t mix, she’s living proof that they do. ;)

For the love of the West...

Wanting something to do in her spare time and noticing a lack of access to unique, affordable and stylish western fashion, she began researching the idea of starting her own boutique. After significant research, planning, late nights and hard work, Savannah Sevens was born and is currently celebrating its fourth year.  

Not long after the S7s business launch, Ryley met a local rancher, Michael Wimer, who had a love for the western lifestyle and culture much like her own. In September 2016, they tied the knot in a picture-perfect outdoor ceremony on the Wimer family’s “C&W Ranch”. [Stay tuned for a future blog featuring LOTS of stunning wedding photos from the evening’s big celebration, and quite possibly a wedding decor sale…]

We got married in a fever... hotter than a pepper sprout.

Day to day, Ryley juggles the [many] roles that come with being a small business boutique owner. And when she’s not at the shop, you can find her out helping Michael on the ranch -- moving cattle, tagging calves and feeding -- spending time with family and friends, going to a barrel race with her mama or sneaking away for a little fun outside of central Kansas.

The ladies of C&W Ranch ready to eat...

After becoming fast friends through rodeo at OSU, Ryley and I’s friendship has withstood the test of 10+ years and several states [literally] of separation. And in the past year, it’s taken on a whole new dynamic when I was able to step away from my career in the corporate world to embrace a more defined role in Savannah Sevens’ growth through new marketing initiatives.

10+ years later still doing what we love...

Calling central Oklahoma my home for five years now (via Missouri and a brief stint in North Carolina), I received my degree in PR and spent six years in marketing communications prior to starting my own consulting business late last summer.

My husband, Chris McCracken, and I have been married for nearly three years after being set up on a blind date one OSU homecoming weekend, and thanks to his role in oil and gas, it’s a pretty sure bet that we’ll get to continue hanging our hats in Oklahoma for the foreseeable future.

Forever and ever, amen...

Most days -- when I’m not plugged into my computer -- I spend entirely too much time playing with our Aussies, shopping barrel horse prospects, trail running (weather pending), or meal prepping... and three nights a week I hang out in the labor and delivery ward of a nearby ranch bringing racehorse foals into the world. 

The softest eskimo kisses...

All in all, I think it’s fair to say that the lives we lead now aren’t exactly what we had pictured during our college years -- and they definitely didn’t come together overnight or without a whole lot of hard work and patience. But, we can definitely say [like all of God’s plans] they’re better than what we could have ever put together for ourselves.

Best friends on the best days...

Hopefully, this gives you a little snapshot into a couple of the “faces” behind Savannah Sevens. There are definitely others -- like Ryley’s incredible parents and sis-in-law -- who help keep things moving in the right direction.

Look for more snippets of life here on the blog in the coming months -- along with some fun and exciting new style tutorials we’re working on. In the meantime, feel free to follow along on our Instagram accounts.



Til next time,

~Sammie & Ryley


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