Haute On The Ranch: Styling Tips From The Trailblazers of NFR Fashion

The countdown is on for THE biggest rodeo event of the year!!  The change in location to Arlington, TX, for the 2020 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, has created even more buzz and excitement.  Polls have been taken across the Western Industry and the results are in!  Spectators are planning to attend in typical {Vegas} fashion.  We are excited to see the NFR styles & Cowboy Action be as wild'n western as ever!  To bring you the best styling advice out there, we have asked The Trailblazers of NFR Fashion to give you their personal advice for putting looks together!

Suzie Crooch @VelvetBrumby

Tips & Tricks on NFR

  • Get crazy with it but stay true to yourself and your style! The NFR is the one time of year where I go all out from head to toe. 
  • Mix and match patterns and textures. I love a good faux fur paired with sequins, glitter or silk. 
  • Support local makers by adding one-of-a-kind pieces to your fit. This helps dress up and accessorize any look you have in mind. 
  • Layer. Layer. Layer. I'm predicting lots of blazers this year over various types of tops.

I love the faux croc Dumas skirt paired with the Brumby boots! You could easily make it a day outfit by throwing on a graphic tee or you could dress it up a bit more with the Paoli top for the night performance. Add some jewels and a felt and you've got yourself a fire outfit!


Brianna Bigbee @thebleacherbabe

Day looks are my specialty! I always shoot for comfort and functionality. I don’t really jump on the trend train. I like to stick with classics that I can get the most wear out of and the most for my money. I purchased a Double D Ranch jacket in 2017 and I’m just as obsessed with it now as I was then. It’s a piece that is trendy but will last with the times. Some similar styles are linked here. I paired it with a simple white tee, custom piece of jewelry, jeans and slip on sneakers.
For night time looks, I like to keep it classic. I’m not big on prints, so I tend to lean towards solids as a blank canvas for accessories! Jewelry, jackets, belts and hats will bring any outfit to life. I have 2 Paige Wallace buckles that have gotten more wears than I can count.  My piece of advice would be if you don’t feel confident or comfortable in it, don’t wear it! Most importantly enjoy the experience, NFR is an amazing time!

Allison Wiens @Allison.Wiens

KISS - Keep It Simple Sweetheart

Don’t overthink your outfits. Make sure you’re comfortable yet stylish. I recommend styling some outfits around tennis shoes to give your feet a break! Especially during the day with all the expos to walk through! The Ariat Fuse tennis shoes come in some really fun prints and are SO COMFY! Stay true to your style and long live the cowboy!


Jena Knowles @Jena.Knowles

I've always enjoyed dressing up for NFR, it's one of the few times throughout the year I'd get the chance to get a little extra fancy - and I know a lot of women can relate. One thing is for sure, you can wear just about anything to NFR - there are no rules! There are women in jeans, women in fur coats, women in sequin mini skirts, and I love all of it! One tip I have is wear what makes you feel comfortable. Don't feel like you have to wear something you've seen someone else wearing just because it's trendy. If you're only comfortable in jeans, boots, and a nice blouse - that is absolutely perfect! Another tip, and one of the most important tips: the NFR is not the place to bust out a brand new pair of boots or shoes, break those suckers in beforehand because, blisters will ruin your night, and there's too much fun to be had! (I'm speaking from experience.) 
No matter your clothing comfort level, you can take any outfit to the next level with accessories! Don't be afraid to layer a couple different necklaces, wear those earrings, bracelets, a fun belt, rings, a wild rag, or a hat! Don't stress about outfits and just have fun with it! 
A few daytime footwear picks would be the Dixon, Fuse, Ryder, or Cruisers. The Pendleton Moc Socks are my go-to with the Dixons and they stay on. I always dress extra comfortable during the day. I would wear the Colter Jeans, Mustard Ariat Dixon's, Bluffdale Sweater, with just a basic tee or tank underneath like the Eureka or the Pinesdale. Paired with the Overland Necklace, Medina Earrings and Renton Bracelets. (This daytime look could easily be a night time look as well!  For a quick transition I would swap out the jeans for a pair of fun shorts, skinny jeans, faux leather pants, or a skirt. 

Now that we have got your wheels turning for NFR day and night outfits ideas, have fun shopping and styling your looks!  Also, be sure to click on these gals' Instagram handles and give them a follow.  You won't be sad you did!  
Now, Let's RODEO!!
Until next time ~ Ryley & The Savannah 7s Team

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