Haute On The Ranch... In Custom {Brand} Ball Caps!

There are few things we love more around here than a good ball cap. I mean, let's face it, putting in the time for good hair days (or even decent hair days) can be hard to come by most days. So, we were beyond excited when our S7s foil patch cap became customizable at any quantity, for any brand. Thanks to everyone who jumped at the chance to get one of their own and shared their brand story with us! We plan to re-open custom brand cap sales Oct. 1-12--mark your calendars!

C&W Ranch: The C&W Ranch is Ryley’s husband Michael Wimer’s family brand. Michael and his family farm and ranch in Saline & Ottawa Counties of Central Kansas. His dad Joel came to work for the ranch straight out of high school when it was a dairy farm. It later transitioned to beef cattle and Joel becoming owner. Registered Simmental Cattle was the focus of the ranch in the early years. C&W then shifted to the predominant commercial Red and Black Angus cow calf operation that it still is today. Michael and Ryley live on the ranch and love being able to bring their kids up in this way of life.

Arrow D: The Arrow D is Owner Ryley Wimer’s Family Brand. The family has been home builders and commercial general contractor for 3 generations. About 15 years ago Ryley’s dad decided running some cattle again (since having Longhorns and Herefords in his 20’s) would be a great outlet from work. He says what started as therapy has become a job. But loves it still. Ryley’s Parents, Darvin & Mary Dent, and Brother Colter Dent are located in the Brookville, KS area. Together they run Red and Black Angus heifers. Annually they sell bred replacement heifers. Some winters are full of new babies when they decide to calve them out before selling. The Savannah Sevens operations are located at Darvin & Mary’s place, so Ryley and the girls have the best sights out the shop windows. Dirt roads, cattle and horses ~ all the good stuff.  No big city lights here.

Hatrack Livestock: Everyone thinks it's a little stick figure cowboy, but it's formally a "hatrack." After getting married, Nelson and Lyndsey (Garber) registered the brand because we thought it would look neat on our horses--as well as buckles, jewelry, belts, saddles... and ball caps. ;) 

KI Brand: My great grandpa had thousands of acres of range land that he owned and rented around Winona, Kan. They bought and ran steers on the ground through the spring and summer. They had relatives in Iowa that were partners with them. They were Kleckners (that's where the "K" in the brand comes from). So at the end of the summer or early fall, the steers were shipped to Iowa to the feedlot. The steers were branded in the spring with the KI brand. The brand was registered under my great grandpa's name. 

When my great grandpa was murdered, my grandpa ended up keeping the brand and had the registration changed to his name--he ran Hereford cattle. When my grandpa passed away, my dad let his own brand go and took the KI brand. Following his passing in a car accident, my mom registered it under her name. Since I've come home to help, we have worked to build up our herd and continue to use the KI brand on all of our cows. We have maintained running Hereford and Hereford cross cattle, and the brand has officially been a part of the family for more than 100 years!

Ade Family Belgians: While not a traditional brand, I loved the opportunity to have a custom made cap feature our horse farm logo! We developed this logo several years ago to represent our hitch--Ade Family Belgians. We incorporated two horses into the logo - one representing the Conformation (Halter) aspect of the draft horse shows and one representing the Driving (Hitching) aspect. Our family has been involved with showing draft horses since 1989 and currently have a 6-horse hitch that we show at state fairs throughout the Midwest region. 

Thanks to everyone who took the time to send us their photos and stories! We have enjoyed getting to see them and know the history behind them. If you've got one to share, please send it on over! We would love to do another brand story feature in the future! Below are a few more pictures that were sent in of customers loving their brand caps--be sure to mark you calendar to get yours ordered between Oct. 1-12.

Til next time, 

Team S7s



  • Arlene Ellis

    How much for the brand cap, how long to ship,

  • Ashly Bell

    Hi there ~ Happy Wednesday!
    Just wondering how I can go about ordering a couple brand hats? Also wondering if one can be ordered in the leopard print and the other a solid color? Thank you so much for your time ~ have a great day! Ashly :)

  • Ashly Bell

    Hi there ~ Happy Wednesday!
    Just wondering how I can go about ordering a couple brand hats? Also wondering if one can be ordered in the leopard print and the other a solid color? Thank you so much for your time ~ have a great day! Ashly :)

  • Cassie Noore

    I’d love to order some hats with our brand on them. We own a cattle and horse ranch in Eastern Oregon.

  • Vickie Beeman/Vickie Beeman Equine Services

    I saw where you will start new orders/production on Oct 1?
    Can I get on a waiting list beforehand or do I just wait til October to reconnect with you?

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