Haute On The Ranch: Gimme ALLLL The Cruiser Styling Inspo!

Here’s hoping you’re reading this on the backside of a weekend packed full of summertime fun. We’ve been playing catch up with a little work, getting in some family time, and living vicariously through all of the exciting Calgary Stampede festivities playing out on our Instagram feeds -- those fireworks though?! Come. On. And while part of us wishes we could be in on all of the Stampede action, we’re equally okay just kicking back in our favorite casual wear {cough, pjs, cough, swimsuit, cough} knocking out a little bit on our to-do list and soaking up some sun.

Now, we know what you’re thinking… what do Cruisers and pjs and swim suits have in common? Well, not a whole lot actually. Unless you’re pulling on jean shorts over your swimsuit… or taking a quick trip to the barn for morning chores. In either of those cases, a pair of Cruisers can come in real handy. Our problem though is that we’ve developed a mildly unhealthy addiction to our cruisers -- to the point that it’s actually become a bit of an obsession to see just how many ways we can wear them in any given week.

Take these {Vintage Cowgirl} Cruisers, for example. They can be worn with absolutely ANY jean style and color imaginable! Wear them with trousers or wider bell bottoms to see the slightest peek of retro red suede and vintage cowgirl pattern, OR showcase the entire shoe with a pair of cuffed skinnies or straight legs. Typically with this style of cruiser, we wouldn’t wear them with skinnies or try to show off the whole pattern, but in this case, the pattern is fun and unique enough that it works to show it off.

The only thing we can probably talk ourselves into loving more than the Vintage Cowgirl Cruisers is the Castaway Cruisers. These babies pack all the same versatility and style of the Vintage Cowgirls, but with the added bonus of being a great option to wear with your cutoff jean shorts. The shorter topline of these with the leather lace and tie detail make it perfect for throwing on as you head out the door in your favorite cutoffs.

Third in our lineup of Cruiser favorites is the Ariat {Chukka} Cruiser. Due to having the same low profile as all the others, these are a great option for any jean style that comes down over the top. However, with their lace up ankle tops and buttery tan color, they pack a super fun punch to wear with distressed, rolled up boyfriend jeans.

Last, but certainly not least in our Cruiser lineup is the Ariat {Brown Bomber} Cruiser. Being that we are such HUGE fans of dark denim over here, we LOVE that these pair perfectly with any all the dark shades. When styling these, our {personal} preference is to keep the focus on the toe shape and bottom line vs. the top line of the shoe, which is why we tend to primarily style them with un-cuffed denim that comes down over the tops. That’s not to say that you couldn’t wear them with rolled-up denim or shorts, it’s just not our personal preference. But that doesn’t change the fact that these are still major go-tos in our closet for style AND comfort!

Whew! Now that we’ve covered all of that, what’s your favorite cruiser style? Ryley pretty much lives in the Castaways, Loryn loves the Brown Bomber and Sammie is a lover of the Chukkas. Oh, and since we hadn’t mentioned it yet, now through July 31, there's an extra markdown on all Cruiser styles -- Happy Shopping!

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