Haute On The Ranch: All Our {Finer} Thoughts on 2018 Wrangler NFR Fashion!

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So you’re going to the Wrangler NFR this year, huh? For the first time (in a while), we’re pretty excited to say that we’ll be going too! The first weekend -- Dec. 8-10 -- we will be there hosting the winner and guests of The Ultimate Rodeo Experience. And no, we aren’t taking the shop with us to setup a booth -- sorry in advance. ;) With that being said, we’ve got a TON of styles online and in our NFR Collection to shop right now. Below we’re giving a bit more detail and insight into some of the looks you might be interested in packing to head out there -- playing off of our most recent blog -- HOTR: Western is Style, Not Design. Check it out if you haven’t already had a chance.

Cool & Casual -- All Day Long… As the lead-in implies, we are dedicating this section to a couple of the laid back looks you may want to consider for the running around during the day -- shopping at Cowboy Christmas, taking in some Ariat World Series of Team Roping action, or just general sightseeing on the Strip. One of the consistent themes you’ll see with all of these looks is that they tend to have a “layered” feel -- and that’s not an accident. You want to be able to warm-up or cool-down based on where you are and where you’re headed. You’ll also notice that any of these looks could be paired with a cuffed skinny, boyfriend or straight-leg denim and low-heel booties (like the Fenix) to ensure maximum comfort with alllllll the walking you’re sure to do -- also not an accident. ;) We strongly suggest that when you think about putting together your daytime look, first and foremost give some thought {first} to what you’re actually planning to do and then dress accordingly. Around here, we are all about comfort and function during the day -- and we promise you can still look cute at the same time!

  • The Buffalo Gap - the colors and stripe pattern in this duster coat are perfect for that girl who loves a good retro, throwback feel. It’s got a great weight so that it’s not too hot or heavy wearing it around during the day, but will keep you cozy enough waiting to snag a cab or walking up and down the strip taking in all the Casino action.

  • The Corduroy - since “retro” is all the rage this season, we couldn’t resist adding this Ryan Michaels piece into the daytime mix. We just LOVE this deep teal color and the distressing details. It’s the perfect piece if you know you’re going to be running around inside most of the day and want the flexibility of having a top that you can cover your arms with if you’re a little cool or taking it off and tying it around your waist if you get a little warm. It’s also a great candidate to wear with a puffer vest to add some extra warmth if you’re going to be doing more outside. And like so many Ryan Michaels pieces, this is one that will be in your closet for YEARS to come!

  • The Falcon Cove - Just when we think Pendleton can’t get any better, they go and create a BA bomber jacket trimmed in olive. I mean… come on… This is for the gal who likes to pack a little extra punch wherever she goes. The colors and weight of The Falcon Cove are perfect for year-round wear, so break her out in Vegas and wear her right on through the Spring.

  • The Salt Creek - And we simply couldn’t leave our boho babes out of the mix, could we? So let’s take a few minutes to appreciate all the love we have for The Salt Creek. She’s a nice, medium weight of the most gorgeous curly mustard yarn. Keep her super casual with a fun graphic tee or dress her up a bit more with a solid underneath and some layered accessories. No matter the direction you choose, you’ll be cozy and looking on-point for a day of Vegas festivities!

Classic & Iconic… When we think about the classic, iconic cowgirl in Vegas at the NFR, we automatically think of those tried and true western shapes like the duster, the poncho, some sequins and a statement black top -- you know, just classy and easy. Something you could wear today, 10 years ago or 10 years in the future and no one is really going to think anything other than just “wow”. So with that being said, here’s our take on some classic, iconic pieces to consider adding to your collection.

  • The Pampa - Our take on that “classic black top” that so many go searching for to stack statement-making accessories on -- because let’s be honest the only thing that sterling silver and turquoise might go equally as well on is a rust or clay colored canvas -- it’s a toss-up around here. But seriously, The Pampa is a subtle statement all its own with retro puffer shoulders and an open lower back, and we love how these two elements contrast the crew neckline and tailored fit for a super classy overall look.

  • The Nedele - Without a doubt the most truly classic, iconic piece in this season’s collection is The Nedele. It’s a mahogany crushed velvet duster by Double D -- that can double as a dress -- and we’re 100% positive is will simply never go out of style. When we think of Las Vegas, The Wrangler National Finals and iconic, western fashion, we think of pieces like The Nedele.

  • The Vegas - A staple and a statement piece for those classic, iconic looks is The Vegas beige, sequin split back tank. In styling this piece with The Eagles Valley jacket (by Double D), it’s pretty obvious that they’re both statement pieces on their own. However, the neutral, beige color of The Vegas is a great complement to the more bold green of The Eagles Valley jacket, and perfect for an overall classy NFR look -- especially when paired with The Ella Skinny jean and The Fenix bootie. To continue with that classic, western look we topped it with The Lonesome Dove Warbonnet, the rich blue turquoise of The Tatum Earrings and The Ladue Bracelet, and finally The Tasha Squash Blossom.

  • The Flaming Sun Clay - Nothing says statement and classic western fashion like a serape, fringe poncho. And we love The Flaming Sun Clay because it packs so many of our favorite colors into one piece! It’s also lighter weight and shorter in length than a lot of ponchos we’ve seen in the past making it easier and more fun to wear without it getting in the way. ;) The only thing that makes this look even better is The Armadillo handbag -- seriously the coolest bag we’ve seen in years. SO. FUN!

All Those Retro Vibes… there're some women who can just straight up OWN that retro, throwback look -- any era, all day and night long. This is for those women, or even the ones who want to give it a go for the very first time. Maybe it's high-cuffed straight leg jeans, tucked-in and tailored tops, or wild rags tied just right. Whatever retro look you want to fly, go for it -- there's truly never been a better season to take the risk and try it out!

  • The Dumas - Retro AND rust AND a whole lot of statement sleeve all in one top. We are currently drawing straws on who gets to wear it in Vegas… Seriously though, the only color that might complement turquoise better than black is rust. They were truly made for each other in every way. Finish it off with The Stockyards Warbonnet, The Fenix bootie and The Tallon Necklace, and it’s sure to be your favorite look in Vegas. Super retro, totally statement and a standout, for sure!

  • The Del Rio - Continuing right on with our love of all things RUST, let’s talk about the oh-so-sexy Del Rio dress. C’mon ladies, it’s Vegas -- the one place where it’s perfectly acceptable to flaunt what you got. ;) If any of us could manage a tan (and toned legs) in December, I assure you this would be our pick, but alas… we’re just merely mortal white girls running around here with a farmers tan year-round (insert shoulder shrugging emoji).

  • The Lamar (belt) - The Lamara belt is your classic, tapered style meant to be worn at the true waist or even with the throwback high-waisted styles that are so in right now. We love this belt for its ability to be both versatile and THE finishing piece to nearly any throwback look. The cognac color, silver berry buckle and parachute conchos give it the western edge it needs to truly tie thing up in a pretty (western) bow while you’re in Las Vegas.

  • The Crawfords - Nothing says retro like slim, high-waisted gaucho pants. So if you’re looking to throw it wayyyy back, look no further than The Crawfords. To create a full-on Vegas look with these, pair them with a sleek, solid-colored bodysuit and some heels or low-cut ankle booties -- goal being to flatter and still elongate your legs by giving enough space between the bottom of the gaucho and the top of the shoe/boot. ;)  

Oh Hey, Boho Babe… if that tailored look just isn't you thing, no worries, gal. We have you covered too. The boho cowgirl likes her look a little more relaxed and easy -- but that doesn't mean any less fancy or fun. In many ways, we've saved some of the best for last. I mean, who doesn't need some walk-thru pants in their life?!

  • The Chasen - Alllll the heart eyes for this one! If you’re goal here is to be more “boho” we recommend leaving The Chasen unbuttoned and capitalizing on the layering effect. Pair it with skinny jeans and a bootie or heel for a more dressy, flattering look. With the tee underneath, we were able to pair it with the Doc Holiday Warbonnet -- normally though, that wouldn’t work because the two colors are both so strong… but the tee ties them together just right. :) If you want to throw in a little more of a retro feel, you can always button The Chasen up and accentuate the retro bust and natural waistline feel that it gives.

  • The Paxicos - Nothing says boho babe like faux suede, super soft and flowy bells. Pair them with all your favorite Fall layers to complete the look -- dressy or casual -- The Paxicos have got you covered. In this case, we went with the mustard Rosita tank and a fur vest to give them a little extra edge and punch.

  • The Gold Canyon - Hello gorgeous retro floral (insert at least 6 heart eyes here)! The Gold Canyon is THE it piece for any boho cowgirl’s collection -- especially if you’re headed to the NFR in December. It’s flowy, relaxed fit and retro florals are absolutely dreamy, and it’s that perfect shade of mustard that really can go with any skin tone. It’s the perfect length and shape to pair with a side tuck and your favorite skinny jeans. ;)

  • The Paycees - Copper. Walk-Thru. Pants. Yes, you read that right, COPPER WALK-THRU PANTS. And they are as glorious as they sound. Essentially, we’ve decided that The Paycees are the Good Lord’s answer to all of our romper, restroom woes… because seriously, one shouldn’t have to strip down to your skivys every time you need to use the loo -- even if those Vegas casinos have some of the coolest bathrooms we’ve ever seen. But I digress… The color, the fit and the feel of these babies are absolutely glorious. Shown styled here with The Westward top, The Paycees are another great candidate to style with a sleek bodysuit and some statement jewels.

Well friend, if you’ve made it this far you’re a trooper to be sure, and we applaud you for sticking with us through this novel of content on 2018 NFR fashion. The main thing to know as you start the grueling, daunting task of packing for Vegas is to be true to YOUR sense of fashion and self. No woman is more confident than when she’s in a style that fits and wears well -- so figure out what that is for YOU and do that. It can be plain, punchy, fancy, classy, layers upon layers of jewlery or none at all -- just make sure it’s a an accurate representation of who YOU are and what you want your look to say about you… because at the end of the day, that’s really all fashion is anyway -- an extension of who you and what you’re about for all the world to see.

Cheers ladies, and we’ll see you soon under those big ol' bright {Sin City} lights.

~Team S7s

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  • Shelby Tolle

    Hi I recently discovered your clothing line and I have to say I absolutely love it! I always see “western boutiques” around but they don’t really look like western fashion but your store speaks to the heart of every western women your amazing!

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