Haute on the Ranch: Agvokate x Savannah 7s

We are here to announce December's Trailblazing the West Collaboration ~ @Agvokate Designs x Savannah 7s! We are so excited to showcase Katie's designs that are created to fit your western life{&}style. Keep on reading to Meet the Maker behind THE coolest original {sticker & wax seal} designs!!

Hi everyone! I’m Katie, the artist and maker behind Agvokate Designs. I’m a fourth generation rancher from Northern California, former Southwest Kansas feedlot manager, and current Oklahoma ranch wife. My name, Agvokate, came to be during my time on the National Beef Ambassador Team in 2012. Our job, in part with the Beef Checkoff and American National Cattlewomen, was to bridge the gap between consumers and producers and sharing our story on social media was a very important part of that. I wanted a creative handle and found a way to combine my name Katie and agriculture advocate into one and thus Agvokate was born. While my advocating contributions have evolved over the years, I still try to incorporate cattle education into my account and have found a new way to advocate through art. I believe my agriculture themed products are a great conversation starter and I love sharing my story when someone comments on the stickers on my water bottle or the t-shirt I’m wearing. 

While cattle production has always been my main job, I love having creative outlets and am a woman of many hobbies. Some of which include photography, crocheting, jewelry making and metalsmithing, pottery, calligraphy, digital illustration and graphic design. Agvokate Designs started in the spring of 2020 when I found myself with some extra time on my hands, as we all did. Drawing was a great way to decompress after a stressful day on the feedyard but I never believed it would take me this far. What started as designing just for fun has turned into a full fledged retail shop and custom graphic design business. I have also incorporated wax seals which reflect my adoration for stationery, mail, and the importance of a handwritten note. This is only the beginning and I have plans to expand my business to include handmade ceramics and jewelry in 2023. 

Much of my inspiration stems from time spent horseback in the mountains of Northern California, driving bunk lines on feedyards in the midwest, and my love of the outdoors and God’s creation. I’ve left pieces of my heart all over the United States and enjoy studying maps and learning the history and lay of the land during my travels. My state series is an ode to the unique beauty, culture, and purpose each state brings to the American cattle industry. When I’m not creating you can find me outside kayaking, fishing, hunting, chasing sunsets and always taking pictures of cattle and horses along the way. 

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that life is composed of many seasons. It is ever changing and sometimes challenging, but there is so much good to be found in each season. We wear many different hats through the years and each one is an important piece to the puzzle of who we are meant to be. I’m proud of my ranching heritage, my contributions to the fed cattle industry, and especially of my newest role as a western artist and ranch wife. It was not easy taking the plunge into full time entrepreneurship, but it has been so rewarding. 

I’m very thankful for Ryley and the entire Savannah 7s crew for this incredible opportunity to collaborate with them and I know you’ll love what we’ve come up with! Our wax seals and stickers are such a fun and simple way to add a little extra western flare into your life. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit about me today and I would love if you would follow along with my creative journey @agvokate on Instagram! 

*BONUS* Every order for the month of December (while supplies last) gets a FREE Agvokate x S7s Exclusive Sticker!! Take a peek at the design below!


Katie Eason


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