Haute On The Ranch: A Q&A with {trick riding BA} Haley Proctor!

If you don't follow along with Haley (Ganzel) Proctor, you're sure missing out. We love her genuine heart for life, family, friends and the Lord. Be sure to check her out over on Instagram at @haley_trickrides or if you're really lucky, you'll get to take in one of her performances at your next pro rodeo experience. 

What was your first date with Shane? @chere.schrader

Actually, we didn’t have our first real date until the NFR in Vegas 3 years ago. We went to a show and ate dinner with his parents who I hadn’t met until that night!  I was so nervous to meet them, but I never realized that was the night I would meet my future in-laws... Now, the night I fell in love with him and neither of us knew was a different story! He was in Texas for a rodeo and stopped in to watch a show of mine. He ended up staying through 4 consecutive shows that were exactly the same, gave the kids that were trick-riding pep talks between each show, helped clean stalls, and then we stayed up talking well into the night with a trip up to the coliseum for a night ride on the horses. I don’t think we ever stopped laughing! We were truly friends and only friends for the longest time, but I believe that’s why our relationship is so strong now--he was my best friend from the get-go and gives me 10,000 reason to fall in love with him every day! 

Would love to know more about your fitness routine--the workouts and any diet tips you love and try to follow? @jlo_ownboy 

I have tried pretty much everything, but I am a total advocate of the Sweat program! It’s an app that stays with you on your phone, and it’s like having a personal trainer with you at all times. I started with the BBG program which is mostly body weight and high intensity. While I’m home for the winter I switch to the power program which is more weight incorporated. I’ll switch back to body weight once I leave just because it’s easier to travel and accomplish the same goals. What we do takes tons of physical strength, as well as endurance, so cardio is a must! I switch off between the stair stepper, treadmill on incline, sprints and long distance occasionally (These short legs aren’t fond of that). I do highly recommend finding a program and sticking with it--it keeps you accountable and slightly competitive when you can see a check being marked off! 

How do you stay positive and fit on the road? @greeneyed05

Staying fit is honestly part of my job, or at least that’s what I have to tell myself. There are some days that I just don’t want to go to the gym but I have to anyway! Afterwards, my mindset completely changes and I’m thankful that I made myself go. I actually find those workouts are some of my best! Staying positive can be tough, but I’ve always been an optimist! It helps that my husband and my family are always there in my corner to talk me off of a ledge when I need it! The road can be lonely and gruesome but when you get to do what you love for a living it doesn’t take much to snap you out of a bad mindset. We all have our days, but I believe that your mindset is a choice and I just choose to be happy! 

How did you meet Shane? @greeneyed05

This thing they call rodeo! It’s such a small world. Shane and I always ran in the same circles, we were both in different places in life, we had relationships that just didn’t work out, and God really does have a funny way of bringing two people together! Like I said, we were such good friends just because we were friendly faces on the road. It was always a "hi how have you been?" until one day it wasn’t! I love this life I get to live, but I love it even more for introducing me to him!! 

How do you keep your mental game strong? @emma.lema1re 

A continuous question I ask myself is "Is this worth it? Is this something worth dying for?"... Whoa, that’s a big one! I’ve been asking myself that question since I was seven years old when my Dad first asked it for me. I had just gotten bucked off of a horse while I was in a trick, I hesitated in my next one, and my Dad took me off, asked that question, and gave me 3 days to answer. It took me a week! At 7 that was a huge question, but my Dad was black and white and I’m thankful for that! What we do for a living is dangerous, it’s sometimes scary, and it’s something that I ask myself before nearly every performance, followed by a deep breath, big prayers, and the thoughts that I love what I do enough to risk it all and God is going to be there with a shield of protection over me and my horses! 

How did you get into trick riding?@mad_mitchell4

I was 5 watching my Uncle--who was an NFR specialty act--practice each and every day at home. I started hanging off the side and standing up on my horses all the while getting in trouble for it! So my parents decided that if I was going to do it then I needed to learn how to do it right. I did my first show when I was 5, my first PRCA rodeo when I was 6, and I never looked back! I was hooked! 

Any advice for someone who wants to teach their horses tricks? @jessplagerman

Patience!!!! I really advise to seek a mentor and soak in everything you can. You never stop learning. When you think you know it all, trust me you don’t! Don’t rush your horses, that would be like expecting a baby to walk the first time you stood them up. Start simple and start slow and never take those baby steps for granted, they are actually huge! There’s so much more I could say, but my best advice is to just love your horses and get to know them on a personal level, you’ll be thankful that you did! 

What is your favorite thing to do in your down time? @kpt.western.dreams

Spending time with our family and friends. We spend so much time on the road that it’s nice to just be HOME. We are still a work in progress on our place, and we have colts coming up, so there’s always something to be done outside! We love going to the gym, and we love to go team rope! I lived to rope through high school, and it’s so fun to go and play now! Plus my husband being my heeler is pretty cool!! 

What are some key elements you must have met when selecting your horses for the different aspects of trick riding? @merleinsorensen

I may not be the best one to ask that question because I’ve always been one for the underdog and the ones that aren’t supposed to make it! My horses aren’t the ones that you would hand pick for their jobs, but I was determined for them to make it. Their heads are the biggest factor, but every horse has a different job and they all have different demeanors for that specific job! Their build and height has a huge thing to do with it too! I’m 5 foot nothing so my horses are slightly smaller than others. (I have to touch the ground) but they have to be able to hold me as well. Roman riding teams have to be good with other horses, trick-riding horses are the ones with less spook and a sound mind--in this instance my Papa's ranch horse has made the ultimate trick-riding horse! The liberty horses are more curious and in to everything, the love to please and love people! Each trait is found in all of my horses but some are stronger than others! 

How much do you love Shane Proctor’s beard? @theshaneproctor

I love my husband! I hate that beard!!! 😂 He shaved it off shortly after having it! 

How many horses do you have and how long have you had them? @destinyphotography26

We have 9 horses at this time. The five I have on the road and 2 broodmares and 2 colts at home! Cricket, my trick-riding and Roman-riding horse I’ve had for almost five years. Geminie, my Roman-riding horse I’ve had for 4 years. Muffin is my trick-riding horse, and I’ve had her for 2 years, but my papa has owned her since she was 2 and she’s 14 now. Bonnie and Clyde are 5 and 6 and I’ve owned them for a year and half. My retired trick-riding mare Sadie (who is my pride and joy) is 20 this year, and she was born and raised at our house! I was 5 when she was born and she’s that ONE horse that everyone loves! Shane’s mare Jezzy is an older barrel and pole mare that we rope off of as well, and he’s had her for a few years. I joke around that what's his is mine, but she’s definitely his! Lawman is a 2 year old coming three that Shane came into the relationship with, and Miss Kitty is my 2 year old! They are identical and WILL be my next Roman riding team against Shane’s wishes... remember what’s his is mine! 😘

What made you want to get into trick riding and do you ever get nervous when you’re performing?

I get nervous every single time... but it’s something that you compartmentalize. You never let them see you sweat. You have your good days and you have your bad, but the butterflies never go away! The love for what I do conquers all of the fear that can creep in along the way!! 

We are so grateful for Haley taking time out to answer all your questions, and we hope you've enjoyed learning a bit more about her and her way of life in the western industry!

Til next time,

S7s Team


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    This was so great I would love to trick ride its something I have always wanted to do (all I need is a horse)

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