Haute On The Ranch: A Q&A with THE @CourtoomCowgirl Stephanie Griffey!

We are SO excited that this month's influencer Q&A is none other than Stephanie Griffey of @courtroomcowgirl! She's a ranch wife and mama to two fun ranch kiddos, and on top of those two things, is an attorney in her Idaho hometown for Griffey Law. Talk about a cool cowgal!

If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be? @thebabybuckaroo 

If I could go back in time and change one thing, I would try out for Miss Rodeo Idaho and Miss Rodeo America. Rodeo queening was my jam until college. I held some of Idaho’s coolest titles, had a killer horse and could ride, walk and talk with the best of them. But when I applied to college, my focus became my education and career.

In retrospect, I see the scholarships and opportunities that transpire from the Miss Rodeo Idaho title and, especially, the Miss Rodeo America title. Unbeknownst to me during my college years, pursuing those titles would have actually benefited my education and career, not hindered it.

What are some of the little things you enjoy doing with your littles that makes you feel most present with them and puts the busyness of life on pause? @ryley_austin

Two things come to mind that make me feel present with my littles. First, I “take pictures with my heart.” In a world where we live behind cameras and phones, I try to snap and store life’s most precious moments in a photo album in my heart. One “picture in my heart” was snapped when my daughter was a little baby. She was wearing a pink sparkly onsie with three ruffles across her chest. She was laughing at me as I held her over my head. I can still see every curl in her hair, hear her little giggle and see the drool bubbles building on her lips. I remember this moment like it happened one minute ago. It, like many others, will forever be stored as a picture in my heart. 

No phone or camera is necessary.

Second, every morning, I tell my kids to “change the world” and every evening, I ask them “what did you do to change the world?” Right now, my son is three years old and responds with “I played with my friends” or “I colored a bull.” Someday my message will have a more profound meaning in their lives, but, until then, it gives us a few special minutes to connect and converse every day.

Fellow courtroom cowgirl here! How do YOU wear the western style we all love at the bench? @mitchy_woman Hi fellow courtroom cowgirl! Before getting dressed every morning, I consider my day’s schedule. Am I going to research and write at my desk all day? Do I need to stop by the courthouse to visit with the clerk? Do I appear in front of the judge? Is it trial day?

The amount of western wear I incorporate into my outfit depends on my day’s schedule. On a day where I have limited interaction at the courthouse, I wear more western wear. On a day where I have some court interaction, I wear an even mix of professional wear and western wear. On a trial day, I am likely to limit my western wear almost completely. You will always find me sporting turquoise jewelry and a tooled briefcase, at a minimum. But, whether I’m dripping in fringe and boots always depends.

What’s the best way to incorporate western style into business professional workwear? @emily_davis618

My secret is to pair western wear with traditional professional wear. I’ll pair a traditional pencil skirt and jacket with a pair of cowboy boots. I’ll pair traditional slacks and heels with a leather fringe jacket--or I’ll spice up a traditional business dress with a western belt, buckle and jewelry.

I love bringing western wear into the legal field, I’ve always pushed the boundaries and I don’t like blending in with the crowd. Adding one or two pieces of western wear to a mostly professional outfit allows me to stay true to myself without disrespecting my clients, jeopardizing my reputation or getting reprimanded by the Bar.

What quality do you feel is most important to a brand rep/influencer to have? @sistersuesboutique

Smiling – literally and figuratively. Literally, because I believe the best photo an influencer can share includes a smile. Smiling is genuine. People like smiles. Smiles make people smile. And figuratively, because I believe influencers should respond to all comments, questions and messages with a smile–be a happy, kind, caring human, even to the people you don’t know.

Influencers influence many, many people. How much more powerful and rewarding is it to influence thousands of smiles than thousands of outfits, meals or exercises? There’s no contest.  

Why “Courtroom Cowgirl”? @thebabybuckaroo

My first job out of law school was as a Public Defender where I was in court everyday. Everyday, I mixed cowboy boots, turquoise, fringe, leather jackets or wild rags with professional wear. Judges, prosecutors, clients –they noticed my outfits. I was dubbed the courtroom’s cowgirl. So, on a whim, I started an Instagram account, called it “Courtroom Cowgirl” and shared a few outfits.

Since then, Courtroom Cowgirl has morphed into a platform where I share my horses, family and lifestyle too–something I enjoy much more than fashion alone.

How do you keep your job from weighing down your positivity? @patriot.power44

Being a lawyer is stressful. It’s stepping in during someone’s most difficult moment in life. Trying to keep them out of jail. Trying to save their money. Fighting for custody of their kids. Arguing. Worrying about deadlines. Working with jerks. Dealing with the “billable hour.”

I’ve struggled with the stress.

At one point during a previous position as an Associate Attorney, I received an evaluation from a partner who recommended that I spend less time with my horses and find a daycare that could care for my son later than 6:30 p.m. Both suggestions were made so I could work later and longer.

I said “no” and quit.

A few months later, I went job hunting and hired myself.

I actively read self-help/inspirational books, listen to podcasts, exercise and practice gratitude, but saying “no” to people, jobs, cases and things that don’t serve my purpose in life… it’s incredibly powerful. That’s how I stay positive.

What are some of your unmet goals in life? @thecowboygirlstore

My horse goal is to be a world champion. My husband owns a wind turbine maintenance company and provides our world with clean energy. Someday, we will own our own wind farm. My career goals are to 1) be a public speaker, educator, and leader in equine law and 2) be a judge. Although some say I don’t have enough grey hairs to be on the bench, even in five years, a good grey hair dye can fix that.

What kind of law do you practice? 

I practice all sorts of law–criminal, family, business, contracts—but my law firm specializes in equine law. By specializing in equine law, I target a niche client base. I help clients with equine-related legal issues, like buying-selling disputes and contract preparation, but I also educate the horse industry on the most relevant laws. When I decided to become a lawyer, I never envisioned being an equine lawyer, but it is such a natural, perfect progression of my life that it astonishes me, even to this day.

If you weren’t practicing law, what would you (most likely) be doing?

If I had to choose a career outside being a lawyer, I would be a veterinarian. I think animals are downright amazing. I love animals.




Whew! We sure hope you enjoyed that--we certainly did! I BIG thanks to Stephanie for taking the time to answer all of our questions--and a BIG thanks to everyone else who sent a something in as well. Up next? Haley Ganzel!

Til next time, 

S7s Team ;) 


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