Haute On The Ranch: A Q&A With {the coolest ranch wife & mama} Jessie Jarvis!

In the age of "give me more authenticity" on social media, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more genuine person to follow than the one and only Mrs. Jessie Jarvis. We have a whole lot of respect for the woman, wife and mama that she is, and were super pumped when she immediately jumped on board to participate in our influencer Q&A series. If you don't already follow her, we highly recommend it. ;) And a shoutout to her for these honest, fun, authentic answers to the questions you all sent in over on Instagram!

What features do you look for when shopping for items that are both fashionable and functional? (@victoriaruid)

I love this question! I really pride myself on primarily wearing things that are equally as fashionable as they are functional. Durability of an apparel product goes a long ways for me, and I’m willing to pay a bit more for something that will last multiple years and fashion seasons. Let’s use denim as an example: It’s a staple in every aspect of my life, so I always look for quality denim. I initially buy denim as a “good” pair, then after they’re worn and not as nice looking, they get demoted to work pants. The same concept applies to boots, cowboy hats, caps, jackets and t-shirts.

When did your passion for western fashion spark? (@quinn_roseberry)

I haven’t always been fashionable, and in fact, I was LESS than fashionable until about 8 years ago. I worked in a job where I did quite a bit of work at my state’s Capitol and with various members of our Legislature and state department heads. I quickly grew tired of looking like everyone else in their black business suit, so I started adding bits of western flair so that I would feel more like myself. Whether it was adding turquoise, a pair of boots, or a denim jacket over a business dress, I always did something to make myself look a little bit different than the rest. After I moved back home to ranch, I didn’t have many opportunities to dress up, so when I did get the chance, I really enjoyed taking the time to put a good outfit together.

How to/do you: keep authenticity in a world of perfectionism? (@willowrunboutique)

I think my biggest reason for always trying to be authentically me is my desire for honesty. There’s nothing more I hate than being lied to, so in turn, I have no desire to lie to someone else. You can’t want the things you’re not willing to give to others. I’ve seen my fair share of people pretend to be someone they’re not, and they only end up hurting themselves--especially when the people who are familiar with them personally, know the reality of it all. Truth always prevails, regardless of whether you’re telling it or showing it. As someone who often gets the chance to meet my followers, I never want anyone to meet me and then leave thinking that I wasn’t what they thought I was. If anything, I always want people to leave thinking that I was everything they had hoped I would be.

As far as perfection goes, that’s one of those things that’s in the eye of the beholder, and even though my life is full of flaws and issues, it’s perfect for me. Even I can get caught up in the desire of being flawless--life, an outfit, my makeup, my house--but at the same time I know that life can quickly be missed when we’re so focused on the details.

Even I’ve struggled with confidence and comparison in the past, but when I really started loving myself for me, life became that much easier. If you don’t love yourself, nobody else will either. The worst version is me is better than me trying to be the best version of someone else, and the same applies to all other people in this world.

How do you get all your photos taken? (@ranchy_carollyne)

My husband Justin usually takes all my photos! He’s such a great sport about it. I also get invited to do some photoshoots throughout the year, and do post those images on occasion as well. The only time I ever hire a professional photographer for myself is if we’re doing family photos, or if I need updated headshots (about every 2 years or so).

What is the best part about being a western fashion influencer? (@macey.howell)

Getting to meet the people who choose to follow me! I absolutely LOVE to meet people, and I always take time to chat, as long as time allows. A couple weeks back I received a message from someone who said something to the extent that they had followed me for quite a while because they enjoyed seeing my outfits and ranch life. They recently got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and knowing that it was a disease that I too face, gave them the confidence they needed to confront it head on. Of all the messages I’ve ever received, that one has probably left the most impact on my heart. Knowing that I’ve been able to make a difference in someone’s life in such a big way, is an absolutely incredible feeling.

What wash and moisturizer do you use? (@akd9)

My favorites are drugstore finds! I’m a big fan of Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, Moisturizer, and Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream! I also use Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to remove my eye makeup. I do have quite a bit of rosacea, so I also use some redness-specific products from a brand called Medik8.

What color and style would be the perfect boots for Spring? (@grdean777)

I’m a big, BIG fan of the Ariat Dixon bootie! I have them in gold, and I absolutely love them. I’m all about a boot that’s versatile, so I love that I can wear them with jeans and shorts (without looking like Daisy Duke). They also go great with both blacks and browns, so I feel as though they’re a very all-around shoe!

What are your top 3 outfit must-have basics? (@conniemb3)

A tooled brown belt, a vintage turquoise piece, and a pair of denim trousers!

You come in late from working cattle, what do you cook for dinner so that you have a home-cooked meal? (@graceboehmer)

We always have a package of ground beef, and a package of steaks in our fridge. We have a Traeger grill, and we use it all the time. My other quick meal trick is that I always have a package of Jimmy Dean sausage in our fridge. Sausage is so quick to cook and leaves me with tons of meal options. Some of our favorites are:

  • Buitoni stuffed noodles, sausage and vodka sauce
  • Sausage stuffed manicotti noodles
  • Homemade sausage pizza
  • Sausage/Egg Bake (we’re big on eating breakfast for dinner)
  • Sausage Spaghetti
  • Sausage and Cheese Crescents 

If for whatever reason I don’t think we’ll get through our sausage that week, I cook it up, make breakfast burritos, and throw them in the freezer!

What are your top 3 secrets to getting through calving season w/ a) your cowboy, b) your little cowboy, and c) fashionably -- considering wet, muddy, Idaho weather? (@shane_kerner)

Do coffee and wine count? In all seriousness, we’re pretty lucky when it comes to calving because we calve everything out on the desert (without watching), with the exception of our first-calf heifers. We’re very selective when it comes to our heifer bulls, so we rarely have problems or have to pull calves. However, when we have one problem it seems like we end up with ten. On those days, I really focus on being patient and kind, as tensions run higher than normal. My biggest secrets for winter cow work in general, are:

  1. Always carry gloves, snacks and a sharp pocket knife
  2. Have a fully stocked vet med room
  3. Don’t be too proud to throw a frozen pizza in the oven for dinner after a long day

What is your why? Your why for your work life, why for your mom life, why for you wife life, your why…? (@laurrellifit)

I feel like this is a pretty broad question; but the answer for all of those “whys” is the same--I do everything for my husband, our family, and our livelihood! Those are the three things that matter the most to me, and everything I do in life is supported by or is supporting one of those aspects of my life!

How do you come up with your looks? They are always so effortless and natural! (@aubreybrooket)

I always start them around a single item, whether that’s a top, bottoms, or shoes. If the top I’m wanting to feature is loose, then I choose something more form-fitting for the bottoms. If the shoes I’m wanting to feature are bright, then I’ll stick to a monochromatic top and bottom, to help highlight those. I’m also a big believer in the rule of leaving a few things to the imagination...so I pick either legs or arms to highlight, but not both.

Advice on what to wear! Western fashion outfits for the family for ranch/western family photos? (@jessicas.steele)

My biggest recommendation when determining outfits for family photos is make sure they aren’t to matchy-matchy. I understand the desire for outfits to coordinate, but they can still all fit together without relying solely on two or three colors. I like picking a color palette so that all of our outfits fit together well, without matching color for color. If you’re needing a place to find palettes, Pinterest is one of my favorites (I linked to my Pinterest color board in case you need help). It’s also really important to mix solids and different patterns together, that helps to eliminate the look of over-coordinating.

I usually start by picking out the item for the person who is hardest to dress. In my case, men’s options are usually limited compared to women, so I start with Jhett and Justin first. Starting with Justin, I’d probably pick a patterned shirt and jeans for Justin, a solid shirt,vest and jeans for Jhett, and an embroidered top for myself that fits the colors of Justin’s shirt.

When it comes to browns and blacks, specifically for belts and shoes, I do suggest that those stay in the same color family, because it helps tie it all together!

What inspires your outfits? Is turquoise jewelry your favorite go-to for  jewelry? (@thelazyponderosa)

I’m big on putting an outfit together around a single piece, so most of my outfits start around something I’m loving at the time. Maybe it’s an embroidered top, a pair of flashy shoes, or some killer denim. I do love to have pieces that everyone else isn’t wearing, so I usually put on a pretty good hunt if I’m looking for something in particular. I’ve learned over the years that as long as I like my outfit, and am wearing something appropriate for the time and place, I’m not worried about what anyone else thinks.

As far as turquoise goes, yes that’s always my go-to. One piece of advice on turquoise...I know authentic pieces are spendy, but as long as they’re kept in good condition, they never lose their value. They’re definitely an investment financially, but the quality and craftsmanship that goes into an authentic piece is WELL worth what you’ve spent!

How did you get to be where you are today? What lead you there and how is it affecting you now? (@mrs.brooke.just)

Thinking back on my life as a whole, I think two of the biggest things that have really helped me chart my course thus far is by being someone who is willing to work hard and make responsible/good decisions. I’m the first to admit that sentence sounds so tacky, but it’s so true! My biggest suggestions to those who ask me for advice are always:

  • Be willing to work hard, especially when you’re young, so you don’t have to do dirty work when you’re old.
  • Take the time to really think things through, and be someone who looks ahead to the long-term, not just what’s in front of you right now.

How do you always stay so fresh looking even after long days with your son, husband and ranch life? (@katiest81)

I usually don’t feel fresh looking at the end of the day, so the fact that someone else thinks I am is a good feeling, so thank you!!  

I always wear some kind of foundation, not necessarily for the full face factor, but because I’m usually out in the elements and whatever I have on top of my skin serves as a barrier from dirt, sun and wind. I drink lots of water to keep myself and my skin hydrated. If I’m out doing ranch things, I always keep a hat on and my hair braided so it doesn’t get ratty.

So.... we hope you enjoyed this {AWESOME} Q&A with Mrs. Jessie Jarvis! If you've got ideas for other influencers or western fashion insiders that you'd like for us to feature in future blogs, drop their names in the comments below. In May, we will be featuring S7s owner Ryley Wimer... stay tuned!

Til next time, 

S7s Team 

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    I’m so happy that I found Jessie. She is such an amazing influence and I love that she stays true to herself. I love following along with her journey!

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