Haute On The Ranch: 8 Reasons You Should {Probably} Be Following Us on Pinterest

This list really doesn’t need much of an introduction, so excuse us while we get straight to the point: Follow Us On Pinterest

    • We’re obsessed with all things turquoise. And let’s face it, if you’ve made it this far on the Savannah Sevens journey, you’re just as into the turquoise trail as we are. Turquoise we sell, turquoise we don’t, turquoise doors, turquoise clothes… You name it, we probably love it and pin it.
    • We’re {equally} obsessed with eating treats. Yes, we know now that we’re into our 30s we should really shape up and get a more “balanced” and “adult” diet, but who has time for that? And last time we checked, making a single serving of edible cookie dough DOES actually make a rough day better, so… Yea.
    • We believe in the fine art of balancing {too much} sarcasm with wise words… and scripture. If you spent much time around us, you’d know that sarcasm is our JAM -- to a problematic degree at times. But much like single-serving edible cookie dough, sarcasm can take about any situation and straight up fix it (at least in our mind). And when sarcasm won’t fix it, there’s probably a scripture or some wise words that will.
    • There are too many pretty places to travel in this world -- but a girl can dream, right? A vacation… what’s that? Honestly, we really couldn’t tell you, but we have boards that showcase beautiful pictures of places that know all about that vacation gig… and one of these days, we might just get to actually plan one. You know, when the cows stop calving… or the hay is all put up… or everything’s been branded... or it isn’t “holiday” season. Then. That’s when we’ll go. ;-)
    • Hair and makeup GOALS. When you plan a minimum of two professional photo shoots a year, you actually have a good reason to spend too much time pinning hair and makeup ideas… and someday, much like our vacation goals, we’ll actually have the time (and energy) to do more than put a ball cap back on our head. But until then, we’ll just keep pinning allllllll the prettiest of ideas.
    • The rustic home is life. Okay, but seriously, who doesn’t love to pin their Pinterest-perfect rustic home? It’s easily one of our favorite things to do late at night when we should actually be sleeping so we could get some energy to wash our hair and try out one of those cool hair styles we’ve pinned… Those bathrooms though… Who comes up with those amazing Pinterest bathrooms? So. Pretty.
    • You don’t have Instagram? No problem. We actually have a board dedicated solely to all of our Instagram Happenins’, so you won’t miss out on any of our posts even if you don’t do Instagram. How cool is that?
    • But seriously, why not? Easily the most obvious reason you should be following our boards on Pinterest -- aside from single serving edible cookie dough -- why not? If you’re pinning already, why not follow along with our late night pinning shenanigans? You might find a new hairstyle, a bathroom remodel idea (sorry husbands), or the perfect words (or recipe) to make your day a little bit better.

Til next time,

Sammie & Ryley

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