Haute on the Ranch: A Year of Pioneering Designers

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

What is a trailblazer? The term harkens back to a time of rugged exploration of the American West. Imagery of cowboys, cattle drives and wagon trains come to mind. Where men and women lived boldly and with grit, and dared to discover new territory, new ways of life and new traditions.

Inspired by those in history who have forged their own path, despite challenging conditions or fears of the unknown, Savannah 7s is highlighting the modern day artisan trailblazer. Designers and makers who have taken a chance on their craft and create unique, rare, special and original pieces. Those who bring a fresh perspective to art and who demonstrate their connection to and reverence for the western way of life.

The 11 makers and designers featured in 2022-2023 Trailblazing the West.


In 2022, the Trailblazing the West series was born. Savannah 7s owner Ryley Wimer remembers the leg up she was given by industry veterans when starting her retail venture – advice, tips and tricks, partnerships and mentorships – and had been hoping for a time in her career when she could return the favor to new entrepreneurs. 

“I’ve always wanted to pay it forward,” said Ryley. “I was given help as Savannah 7s was getting established and it has been my goal to pass that support on to others who need it. The challenge had been finding the right way to do it, and after engaging in a few one-and-done collaborations, I was inspired to make partnering with western artisans a routine offering of our brand.”

Some of the products created by our Trailblazing the West makers, from left to right: "Rio Rancho" recipe cards by Trusner Designs;  "Chetopa" sterling silver and turquoise ring by Sand Plum Soul Designs; modern longhorn skull design by Wanderlust Skulls; and the "Vintage Saddle Horse" neck scarf hand-drawn by XOXOart & Co.


After brainstorming the series’ name, Ryley set out to uncover makers with a pioneering style that celebrates cowboy culture. From the Midwest to the West Coast, Ryley found women with diverse backgrounds, varying viewpoints and fascinating life experiences, all that influenced the story their art tells. Together, they are connected to western culture in their own way; offer individual, distinctive talent; and represent that courageous spirit needed to take a gamble on something you believe in. 

“It was important to me to find makers that provide a product or service that is different from anyone else in their line of work – something that stands out in a crowd,” said Ryley. “I also wanted to spotlight artists who are a positive influence on the western industry and western way of life; who weave aspects of the Cowboy Code of Conduct into their products and business philosophy.”

 Some of the products created by our Trailblazing the West makers, from left to right: "The Horns" adobe rose graphic tee by Written in Sage Design Co.; various stickers by Agvokate Designs; "Shootin' the Breeze" candle designed by Allie Falcon; and Pendleton wool denim jackets by The Branded Belle.


In addition to giving makers a place to showcase their hard work and imagination, Ryley wanted Trailblazing the West to be as beneficial to the Savannah 7s customer. Her hope has been to offer clients, followers and fans exclusive pieces to collect, in addition to the products they love to shop daily.

“So many of these artists’ pieces are timeless, and I think many people will pass them down to others in their family,” said Ryley. “What else is unique about these collaborations is, even if our exclusive pieces might sell out, many of the makers create custom items, so our clients can still get one-of-a-kind art to wear or for their homes.”

Some of the products created by our Trailblazing the West makers, from left to right: "Lamesa" jewelry case by Hdwest {sold out}; "Curious" print by Alex Callaghan Photo; "Loretto" cuff by Baby Blue Roo {sold out}; "The Rodeo Originals" graphic tee hand-drawn by XOXOart & Co.


In the past year, Trailblazing the West has celebrated 11 designers. There have been denim jackets embellished with Pendleton wool; sterling silver, copper and turquoise jewelry made to honor a daughter’s legacy; hand-painted and printed apparel by a mother-daughter duo; and leather-painted goods from a designer who is literally from Horsetown USA.

As we take a look back at how Trailblazing the West originated and who has been featured in our first year, it’s also an opportunity to dream about where this series goes from here. There are numerous exciting collaborations on the horizon, some with bigger brands you’re very familiar with; others with some Savannah 7s’ favorites; and even a few that produced products we never imagined were possible!

“It has always been my goal with Savannah 7s to fill a niche in western retail that wasn’t being serviced – to provide apparel for all the hats western women {and men} wear,” said Ryley. “Even though we’ve certainly evolved over the years, my primary intention has never wavered and I’ve stayed true to who Savannah 7s really is. Maybe that’s what a trailblazer is to me – keeping your original authenticity no matter where the future may lead.”

~>Meet each individual maker.

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