Haute Holiday Recipes & More!

Sammie here. Coming to you from a cozy condo bed in Breckenridge USA. This year in lieu of gifts, we opted for a Christmas Skication (as I’m calling it) on the inlaw side of my family. Absolutely no complaints on my end—nothing beats a week of fun on the slopes!

And speaking of family, Christmas and gifts, Ryley and I thought that we’d “gift” a couple of our favorite family recipes to you. Enter the Skillet Cookie and the Chocolate Chip Cheeseball. Ryley’s Skillet Cookie has been in her family for years, but the Chocolate Chip Cheeseball is a relatively new addition to mine since it’s an original from my recently acquired mother-in-law. :) Both of them are equally delightful, and we hope that you’ll take a chance to enjoy and share them at an upcoming holiday party or family gathering.

In case you’re still looking to check a few folks off of your gift-giving list, here’s a peek as some of the latest and greatest items available over at Savannah Sevens. Any purchases made through December 18 are guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas (no later than the 23rd)!

With that, I’m off to enjoy some fun on the slopes! Breck had a fresh coating of snow yesterday, and it looks like a true wonderland outside my window. Stay tuned for some fun mountain pics in the coming days over on the Savannah Sevens Instagram (@savannah7s), Twitter (@SavannahSevens) and Facebook accounts. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to you and yours. Thanks for your continued support of Savannah Sevens!


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