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Baby Blue Roo | Est. 2017

Meet Jill

Jill Elwood wasn’t always a jewelry designer.

When viewing her pieces, it’s easy to assume she has made a lifelong profession out of creating. But Jill only established her business a few years ago, and it has been more of a calling than a career.

First starting with leather and beads in 2017 and more recently working with metals such as sterling silver and copper, this former sales rep for an animal health company was desperate to find a way forward after the loss of her daughter, Rylee.

“I quit my job, was lost, and was drowning in grief with a broken heart,” said Jill. “I needed to do something for my family and myself, so I started making some jewelry to help me mentally stay busy and keep her {Rylee’s} memory alive.”

Growing up around farming and ranching, and continuing that way of life with her husband, Kyle, and children, Elwood wanted her jewelry style to reflect her and her family’s love of western culture. Her biggest influence, however, is her daughter: Baby Blue Roo earned its identity from Rylee’s big blue eyes and her nickname, Rylee Roo.

In July 2023, Savannah 7s partnered with Baby Blue Roo for the Trailblazing the West series to offer exclusive handmade jewelry, including custom shoe tags showcasing family ranch brands or initials.

Q & A

I hope my customers fall in love with each piece they purchase and know that it was handmade with love in memory of my Rylee – kind of like a little piece of Heaven to cherish and wear proudly for any occasion.

Honestly, I teared up when you reached out to me. I was over-the-top excited.  What an honor to form a collaboration with Savannah 7s, who I believe is hands down first class and cream of the crop in the western world. Plus, it’s right here in Kansas. Ryley and her team do an amazing job.

An innovator that keeps pushing for their goals and dreams, no matter what.

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