Trailblazing the West: Kimes Ranch x Savannah 7s

For the first time in our company’s history, Savannah Sevens is launching an exclusive denim with Kimes Ranch.

For December’s “Trailblazing the West” designer collaboration, Savannah 7s has partnered with Kimes Ranch to create a new pair of jeans that merges a favorite fit with original details. Called The Livy Jean, this high rise 90’s style wide leg is made with Kimes innovative tri-blend denim that promotes maximum wearability and rebound. And a bonus: it’s manufactured in the United States!

“Our love of and appreciation for American businesses rooted in western culture runs deep,” said Ryley Wimer, owner of Savannah 7s. “In addition to their products being made in the USA, Kimes Ranch has developed the premium denim of the cowgirl lifestyle. We are truly thrilled to collaborate with them on a pair of jeans that can only be found at Savannah Sevens and offers the quality and perfect fit we know our customers look for.”

Fashioned after Kimes’ popular “Olivia” style, The Livy jean features the on-trend cut of a high rise and wide leg while providing comfortability through a forgiving waistband and thicker stretch. The frayed hem adds a rugged quality that looks good worn as is or starched and cuffed. 

Customers will also love the new details of The Livy jean – a richer, darker wash; the signature Kimes horns stitched in a striking caramel café color; and a special embroidery on the inside waistband, marking these as a one-of-a-kind denim.

“Savannah Sevens aims to continue leading the industry in exclusively-offered, elevated denim styles and the Kimes Ranch brand unquestionably aligns with ours,” said Ryley. “I personally have the original fit of this jean in a weekly rotation and I can’t wait to proudly wear the updated version.”

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The Kimes Ranch Story

Kimes Ranch was established in 2009 by Scottsdale, Arizona residents Matt and Amanda Kimes. Neither had fashion industry or design experience but had lived the western lifestyle through showing quarter horses in their earlier years. Both were at a crossroads in their careers and had always dreamt of building a brand together. Their idea was to utilize their equine background and focus on creating denim specifically for riders.

“We live in jeans, as so many people do, and wanted to create a better product – something that could be more versatile than what was being offered,” said Amanda Kimes, vice president of Kimes Ranch. “It was very important that the jeans were practical, comfortable and stylish. Everything needed to serve a purpose.”

After many failed attempts at sewing themselves and searching for seamstresses and manufacturers on the web, Matt and Amanda finally found a skillful and trustworthy patternmaker, contractor and sewing facility in the USA to produce their product – all whom they still work with today.

The growth of the Kimes Denim brand was sluggish at first – they gave their jeans to family and friends to try out and would attempt to sell them at horse shows, swap meets, truck stops and even out of a motorhome roadside. Eventually their signature look and fit took off, and now Kimes Ranch is synonymous with western fashion.

“We are very passionate about denim, and believe the most important element of each jean is the denim it is made from, so we work closely with the mills to ensure we’re getting the quality we need,” said Amanda. “Immediate success and gratification was never what we were looking for. Matt and I wanted to have a brand that could stand the test of time.” 

The original fit of Kimes Ranch jeans was designed specifically to be used in a horse arena. It had a high rise and slimmer leg to accommodate the chaps that riders were wearing. The brand has since expanded extensively, offering a variety of styles, including the Olivia fit with a wider leg, which is the basis for the new Savannah 7s exclusive Livy Jean.

“No other western brand has gone to the extent Matt and Amanda have in designing a product specifically for function while also concentrating on being fashion forward,” said Ryley. “Kimes Ranch is in a league all their own and that’s why they are trailblazers in our industry.”