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Meet Sara

Sara Warnick has the need for an artistic outlet and her grandfather to thank for her handmade jewelry business.

A college graduate of a medical imaging program, Sara originally worked as a department supervisor in a busy orthopedic clinic. The dizzying pace had Sara searching for a way to slow down, and use the creative side of her brain. After stringing beads to assemble necklaces, earrings and bracelets, Sara’s grandfather suggested she try silversmithing. He had an old workbench and tools in his garage which he tinkered on from time to time and encouraged her to give it a try.

“I loaded up this well-used workbench and tools into my pickup truck, having no clue where to start. I didn’t even know what most of the tools were or how to use them,” said Sara.

Now a full-time profession, Sara creates turquoise-centered jewelry, with her Trailblazing the West collaboration in November 2022 offering an exclusive necklace design to Savannah 7s customers. She says it is still hard to think of herself as an artist, but she feels very grateful to wear the label.

“I feel incredibly fortunate to get to be a maker. It’s inspiring for me to see a stone, create an idea and run with it,” said Sara. “The thought of being able to own and wear a piece that is truly authentic, made with someone’s two hands is a fascinating realization of human capability.”

Q & A

Proud. I know they’ve worked hard for their money and if they choose to spend it on my designs, that’s special to me. I want the new piece that they add to an outfit or wear for an event to make them feel confident in their style and self. And the same goes for purchasing a gift – I want customers to feel excited that they’ve just purchased a gift that anyone is going to be ecstatic to receive and keep for years to come.

It was easy – I love everything about Savannah 7s. Ryley, the owner, is a true gem of a human being. She is completely genuine, down to earth, passionate, hardworking, and talented. The Savannah 7s style and brand is pure legacy: impeccable, classic and top tier. It was a no brainer.

Someone who blazes their own path and does not conform to the looks and tastes of others, but is purely authentic. A trailblazer is steadfast in the purity of their own brand and designs.

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