Madeline Hansen

Written in Sage Design Co. | Est. 2019

Meet Madeline

Madeline Hansen is a 10th generation Californian with direct family ties to the first Spanish Land Grant and cattle ranchers in the state. She grew up visiting her grandparents’ ranch everyday and currently lives in her very own wide open space.

It is the pride she has for her family’s history and appreciation of the California cowboy culture that drive her designs. While Madeline has always experimented with art, it wasn’t until the eve of her college graduation that her path started to move in that direction. 

Madeline’s cat accidentally damaged her laptop and instead of replacing it, she opted for an iPad to complete her homework. She utilized that same iPad to practice drawing again, which morphed into digital artwork and graphic design. A break-up with her longtime boyfriend put Madeline on the hunt for a fresh purpose in life and all of these changes became the perfect storm for a new chapter.

“Written in Sage Design Co was born from a crazy computer accident, heartbreak, and drive to create,” said Madeline. “But I would like to mention that ex-boyfriend and I reconciled. He’s now my husband and one of my biggest cheerleaders!”

As the Trailblazing the West maker in March 2023, Madeline designed exclusive Savannah 7s T-shirts. However, her collaboration with Savannah 7s hasn’t stopped there – Madeline also created a variety of western icons that are synonymous with our brand.

Q & A

My favorite design has to be my trademarked “Chin up Cowgirl” design. To me, “Chin up Cowgirl” is my mantra and I try to live it out daily, no matter how discouraged or down in the dumps I get about the day. I have to remember to look up to thank God for this moment and stare out at my dreams laying in the stars.

From the start of my business venture, I have always had role models I look up to and dream of working with – Savannah 7s was and still is my role model because of their quality goods, morals and customer service.

The dictionary describes a trailblazer as a person who makes their mark in some wild country. In today’s modern world with people glued to their phones, pressure to keep up with the Joneses, and a glass-half-empty outlook, I couldn’t describe it any better than a wild country! A trailblazer to me, despite this wild world, is someone who pushes forward and challenges themselves and others to dare to be different; has a new perspective; and leaves this world a little better than they found it.

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