Cassie Everson Martin

Wanderlust Skulls | Est. 2016

Meet Cassie

Growing up, Cassie Everson Martin was crafty. She can remember being the first to immediately volunteer for an art project, when an item needed a creative spin. So it’s fitting she now takes longhorn and buffalo skulls and gives them a new life through art.

Originally, Cassie believed you couldn’t make a living as an artist. For many years, she worked as an agronomist and supplemented her time with a job in retail. After the desire to paint a skull to put on display in her home received lots of attention and praise, Cassie turned that idea into a profession.

“I married a cowboy and I thought, don’t all cowboys need a skull in their home?” Cassie said. “After finding one, designing it and hanging it up, I received many compliments and interest in it.”

After two years of hesitation, Cassie created Wanderlust Skulls, a name inspired by her love of travel and discovering new experiences. She wants each piece to spark the feeling of being wild and free, within the home and the client themselves.

“I absolutely adore using neutrals, blacks and rusts,” said Cassie. “I like to create modern style pieces with a twist of abstract that honor the western way. I believe in creating pieces that stand out and can be cherished and loved on many levels and for many generations.”

Q & A

A sense of pride, excitement and value. I know that my pieces are investments. Once customers have one in their hands, I want them to love it. I want them to brighten and inspire their home and life. I want the piece to be something they’ve always dreamed of.

I love the values, the ethics, the rich history, and the people. There’s a sense of grit and great responsibility among the western culture that runs deep. People who take pride in their work and their everyday lives. They enjoy the simple and crave the wild.

Someone who sets a standard, who reaches beyond what they can currently see, and who appreciates the journey. Someone who chooses the rugged trail over the groomed pathway. A trailblazer is an original.

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