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Meet Amanda

First it was beaded jewelry, then sewing, and photography and painting after that. Amanda Richardson has been captivated by art from a young age and has managed to make a living at it, always being a self-employed maker.

One day a western store in her hometown approached Amanda to paint a pair of leather boots and that’s how her new craft was born. She continued to create custom painted boots until she learned how to build leather goods, expanding her art offerings.

Amanda says she likes to begin by brainstorming, jotting down ideas in her phone then making a few messy sketches before producing prototypes to work out dimensions and structure. When painting specifically, there are various influences on her creations.

“Every time I paint it’s never the same; I try to let it just flow,” said Amanda. “My mood, lighting and the current colors I’m liking play a big role in how a design will turn out.”

In June 2023, Trailblazing the West featured Amanda’s hand painted leather pieces in a collection of bar necklaces, jewelry cases, earrings and hair clips. Each item is one-of-a-kind, just the way Amanda likes it.

“I don’t replicate multiples of a design – that would be incredibly boring for me. Plus, I really like the idea of keeping things unique for my customers.”

Q & A

I hope customers feel like they’re accessorizing with a small piece of art. I hope they’re impressed with my workmanship and feel they’ve purchased something that they want to hang on to for a long time.

I really love the creative spirit that runs through western culture; so many artisans of all different types. I think of the silversmiths, saddlemakers, poets, painters and just general DIYers over the years who have helped create a community with an appreciation for handmade, unique things.

To me, a trailblazer is someone that might go against the grain a bit and isn’t afraid to do things their own way.

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