Haute on the Ranch: Introducing… Black Star Boots

When a girl pulls on a pair of boots, it’s like Cinderella stepping into her glass slippers. There is a magical transformation that happens, of both her outfit and her personality. She dresses with style and walks with confidence.

Savannah Sevens recognizes just how important a pair of boots is to a cowgirl and we’re excited to be expanding our footwear offerings through the brand Black Star Boots. Known for manufacturing high-fashion products with unbelievable comfort, our collection of Black Star boots comes in a variety of colors, styles and stitching. Get ready to kick up your heels darlin’, because these boots were made for more than just walking.


Who is Black Star Boots?

If you have never heard of the brand, allow us to introduce you to Black Star Boots. Constructed in Mexico by gifted craftsmen, this line of western footwear brings together style, quality, comfort and affordability.

What sets Black Star Boots apart is their trademark insole design. Called CellSole footbeds, each pair is outfitted with cloud-like comfort technology so that you’re able to wear them during the day and well into the night.

“What first attracted us to Black Star Boots is their undeniable appearance. The colors are stunning, the stitch design is intricate, and the silhouettes are classic,” said Ryley Wimer, owner of Savannah Sevens. “Once we learned of their CellSole technology and the ability to have all-day comfort in boots, we knew it was a product we had to carry for our customers.”

Black Star Boots is a part of the Twisted X footwear family, who developed the CellSole footbeds and is known for using eco-friendly materials in their shoes.


6 Ways to Wear Black Star Boots

From cranberry to green turquoise, almond toe to snip toe, and roughout leather to distressed leather, Savannah Sevens carries 13 styles of Black Star boots that are sure to fit every cowgirl’s fashion taste or upcoming function. Because of the variety, we thought it would be helpful {and fun!} to highlight a few pairs of the boots in put-together looks to give you some direction when showing off your personal style.


 Music Festival Fun

If your upcoming social calendar includes Morgan, Willie, Koe, Post Malone or Lainey, there is no doubt a cowboy boot needs to be a part of your wardrobe. This time of year and clear into the first of fall, music festivals are one of the most popular ways people spend their free time. To look the part, we’ve created two fits around striking Black Star boots that will make you the hottest ticket in town.

She Is Texas Hill Country

The Lone Star State is known for its independent music scene in Austin as well as its specific Texas country music sound. There is a fashion vibe that follows this outlaw nature with denim and boots at its core. You’ll often see the grittiness of a distressed graphic tee or trucker hat mixed in. She’s a dancehall darlin’ with a retro edge.

She Is Coastal

The Coastal Cowgirl trend continues to be popular, combining beachwear with western wear. The easy, breezy aesthetic dominates music festivals on the west coast because of its carefree vibes. It’s common to see fringe, crochet and cutoffs; bold colors; a touch of wild, but always with western roots.

Shop the Festival Collection 


 Country Girl Goes To Town

When it’s time to get off the ranch and take a trip to town, it’s always fun to dress a little fancy. The question is, does your city look lean Dallas or are you more fit for Fort Worth? These two looks represent both western sophistication and charm, paired with the perfect neutral Black Star boots.

She is Dallas

Dallas is unique in that it's a major metropolitan city that has retained its country perception. So how do those two worlds coincide as far as fashion is concerned? There is a sleek and sophisticated attitude that is built into the style. Boots are always on trend, but they are elevated with refined pieces that lean Corporate Cowgirl such as suits, crisp button ups, starched denim, and turquoise – always turquoise.

She is Fort Worth

“Where the West Begins” – that is Fort Worth’s famous motto and the importance of western heritage continues to be maintained in the city, including in fashion. There is a classic country feel combined with the latest trends. Boots and hats are a common everyday staple, and there is an ease to the western wear; nothing is overdone. Whether you’re taking in some cutting horse action down at the Coliseum, strolling Exchange Ave. in The Stockyards, or grabbing Mexican food at legendary Joe T. Garcia's, this is where western style shines.

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Take Me To The Rodeo

There is nothing like the thrill of a rodeo! Whether you’re headed to a matinee performance or are most excited for the afterparty, these fits have you covered. We’re taking western wear to the next level through the styling of traditional with trendy, complemented with the most beautiful Black Star boots.

She is Cheyenne

The all American sport of rodeo has us pulling out the red, white and blue for this look, but in a fashion forward concept {using menswear} that can take you from daytime performances to the evening’s main event – with a trip or two to the beer garden!

She is Steamboat Springs 

The pride of western roots is on display with traditional denim on denim. There is a simplicity with the classic white tank and an elevated feel in the richness of those navy roughout leather boots. With the rugged mountains set as the backdrop, enjoy BBQ, music and rodeo in this look.

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Shop all 13 styles of Black Star boots at Savannah Sevens.


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    What about us shorter girls? U have shafts at 14 inches and that’s too high for me. What about a 12 inch shaft soft calf leather?

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