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Meet Katie

Katie Eason is both an advocate for the cattle industry and the art world. Throughout her life, she has experimented with all different types of mediums: pottery, photography, crocheting and weaving, jewelry making and metalsmithing, and calligraphy. At the same time, Katie has worked in the cattle industry, including being a member of the National Beef Ambassador Team. 

In 2020, Katie brought these two passions together, shifting her artistic talents into digital illustration and design, and creating products with an agricultural spin. She is primarily influenced by her travels and being in nature, such as horseback riding in the mountains or driving bunk lines in midwestern feedyards.

“Often when I’m traveling, I’ll have an influx of inspiration and when I get home, I’ll go back through my list of ideas and see what gets the wheels spinning,” said Katie. “God is the ultimate maker and artist, and I love worshiping Him through creating and appreciating His creation.”

Katie’s sticker and wax seal designs were featured in December 2022’s Trailblazing the West, with her sticker state series being one of her most favorite creations to date. 

“These pieces are an ode to the unique beauty, culture and purpose each state brings to the American cattle industry,” said Katie.

Q & A

My favorite pieces are probably my state series, which is an ode to the unique beauty, culture and purpose each state brings to the American cattle industry. I’ve left pieces of my heart all over the United States and enjoy studying maps and learning the history and lay of the land during my travels.

My favorite part of the western culture is the rich ties to tradition and place. These traditions vary throughout different areas of the world and are accompanied by extremely hard work ethics, a deep respect for the land, and strong morals and values.

A trailblazer is someone that challenges the status quo. They try new things and make new ways, and are always holding the door open for others to follow suit. They are never afraid to push the limits, especially when it means staying true to self.

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