Haute on the Ranch: 8 Lessons Learned During College

In honor of the "Back to School" season, here's a quick look at some of the important lessons learned during our college years along with some of our favorite "Back to School" styles. 
  • Time Flies - No, seriously, it really does. At nearly 30 and now looking back, it seems like 16, 18, 21 and 25 were just yesterday -- high school volleyball practice with no air conditioning, 8 a.m. walks across campus after a late night out, Wednesday night barrel races in Mustang, Okla., and spring break road trips. It all seems like it was just yesterday, except it wasn’t. Wherever you are, be there -- because time flies, and it’s one thing you can’t get back.

  • Jack Daniels is Meant to be Shared - Take my word for it, share the bottle with your friends, family and anyone who might be inclined to help you drink it. Being tough enough to drink the whole bottle yourself will only result in a three-week hangover that the medicine aisle at Walmart can't fix. And never chase it with Zima. 
  • Relationships Matter - At some point, you’ll realize that all of your successes and failures mean that much more when you have someone to share them with. Find those people in life that build you up, hold you accountable and make you better than you were the day before. Keep them close and always be there when they call because they’ll be there for you.

  • Take Chances - This is the time to figure out who you are and who you aren’t. Try new things, take trips, leave home, date different people -- get out of your comfort zone because you can. At the end of it all, if you know nothing else, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what works (for you) and what doesn’t. And that’s pretty important information to have when you start planning a career path, getting married and settling down.
  • Consider Your Health - Find some sort of physical activity you enjoy, learn to hydrate properly and gnaw on a few more fruits and vegetables (beer and wine only count three days a week). You don’t have to be a fitness freak (unless you want to), but someday, when the party scene takes a backseat, you’ll enjoy having the tools to feel good again.

  • Appreciate Your Education - Like everything in life, you get out of education what you put in. You don’t have to be an all-star, straight-A student, but don’t take for granted the privilege of getting an education. Skip class now and again, procrastinate on assignments, and occasionally steal your classmates notes, but learn what needs to be learned. Education is a privilege, not a right, and truth is, you’ll need grammar and algebra far more than you realize.
  • Wait to Tattoo - What seems like a good idea and “who you are” at 18 is not necessarily “who you are” at 30. Keep a list of great ideas and put them in a box. Save them for 25.

  • Limited Acceptable Behaviors - It won’t always be acceptable to take a nap, binge watch Sex in the City and daydrink with your bestie on a random Tuesday at 3 p.m., so enjoy it while you can.
  • Follow Your Gut - Deep down, no matter the situation, your gut instinct has already given you the right answer. Save yourself some strife, and follow your gut. Like your parents, it’s usually right.

What are some of your lessons learned? Have something you'd like us to write about (fashion or otherwise) in an upcoming Haute on the Ranch? Comment below!

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  • Anya

    I love this article of eight things you learned in college. It hit a lot of good points that are so true! Thank you for a fun article and such cute clothes! Keep up the great work!

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