The Navasota Carpet Bag

$ 285

Product Details

  • Large well made carpet bag.
  • Weekend bag, carry-on, duffel bag.
  • Made from thick, colorful, drape and bedding material.
  • Distressed rustic leather detail with deerskin fringe.
  • Soft durable straps.
  • Leather pull zipper.
  • Two front pockets and one end pocket with elastic edge.
  • Plush comforter material lining.
  • Every bag in this line is one of a kind with it's own variation.
  • 22" x 11" x 11".
  • Handmade in America.

*each bag is unique with it's own slight variation in leather and accents. i.e. the bag you receive will be very similar but possibly slightly different than the one pictured.

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