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Meet Kim and Jessie

Kim Neuendorff and Jessie Gibbons have a unique and special relationship – not only are they mother and daughter, but they also are coworkers. 

This design duo have always been artists – Kim has a master’s in illustration and has worked as an art instructor for years. Jessie started creating as soon as she could hold a paint brush, with her mom always by her side as her teacher. 

While Jessie was in college majoring in advertising, Kim was inspired to start XOXOart & Co because new innovations in printing allowed her to utilize a direct-to-garment machine so her art could print exactly how it was painted. Jessie helped her mother with marketing and worked in corporate advertising before joining the company as a full-time illustrator. 

Kim and Jessie get inspiration from everywhere, carrying around sketch books so they capture ideas before they leave as quickly as they came. Their western designs are often motivated by their own ties to western culture. Kim married into a family who has owned ranch land for generations and has run cattle since 1881, making Jessie a 6th generation Texan.

“As I was introduced to this new lifestyle, my figurative paintings became paintings of cattle and my still-life subjects became tractors,” said Kim. “I now have a studio that looks out to a massive 200-year-old live oak tree.”

“I couldn’t be more proud to say I’m carrying on a tradition that was established in the late 1800s by my great-great-grandparents,” said Jessie. “I want our customers to understand that although we all may have different stories that tie us to western culture, we all understand the same thing: sometimes the simple things are the greatest things.”

Kim and Jessie’s original hand-painted artwork was turned into a Trailblazing the West collection in May 2023. Savannah 7s featured their unique creations on shirts, neck scarves and koozies.

Q & A

Kim: I think each market brings a new excitement for what we are creating. There has to be a favorite piece each launch because our customers are waiting for it. 

Jessie: Currently, the matchbook scarf. It was the hardest piece I ever made, considering I had to draw nearly 100 matchbooks, but I’m proud of how it turned out.

Kim: This is what is most important to us. We want our customers to be able to relate to the story we are telling. We want them to find something in what we are doing that makes them happy, makes them laugh or takes them to a memory in their lives. We want them to trust that we take what we are doing very seriously and work hard to be genuine in thought and process. 

Jessie: We want them to say: “This is something we haven't seen before.”

Kim: Henri Matisse said, “Creativity takes courage.” Trailblazers are innovators that take risks with purpose. At XOXOart & Co., we feel we must always be thinking beyond the scope and always be introducing new art, new ideas and new products. Move forward; do not be concerned with what is happening around you but also, don't stop forging the trail.

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