St. Paul, OR

Kelly Gregory

The Branded Belle | Est. 2020

Meet Kelly

A coffee shop owner from Oregon, Kelly Gregory launched The Branded Belle after successfully creating pieces from Pendleton wool for family and friends. 

With Christmas stockings already in the works for her extended family, Kelly was asked to embellish two of her friends’ denim jackets. She enlisted her mother to assist with the sewing and what she created received wide praise as well as major attention.

A married mother of two, Kelly stayed busy with her day job, supporting her husband’s business and performing all of her mommy responsibilities, so she believed The Branded Belle would only be supplemental to her other obligations.

“It was really a blessing and a surprise all at the same time,” said Kelly. “At the time, I thought it could be a nice side hustle. Little did I know, it would become bigger than I could dream.”

In addition to creating pieces for her September 2022 Trailblazing the West collaboration, Kelly also has done trunk shows for NFR, Pendleton Round-up, and Market in the Mountains, nearly selling out each time.

Q & A

Anytime I am able to make something that holds a special meaning, that’s the best. Clients have sent me jean jackets that their grandpa or grandma wore for years and were given to them after they passed away. I’ve also done jackets for baby showers when the moms-to-be have struggled to get pregnant. These types of projects are just so special and such an honor to be able to be a part of.

When I was asked to create some jackets for Savannah 7s, I think my jaw hit the floor – talk about a company that is iconic. Being genuine, business savvy, professional, and committed to excellence is what I expected it to be like working with Savannah 7s and that’s exactly what it was. The invested interest in the collaboration was so impressive as was the genuine energy and interest that was shown in the partnership.

There are a lot of people who are born into the western industry, but I was not. As a child, we had a few animals but I was the first in my family to love horses, learn how to rope and embrace the western lifestyle. {As I started my business}, I didn’t have a last name to stand on, but I’m making a name for myself. I think there’s something really cool about having generations come before you, but there’s also something extraordinary about being the first – that’s a trailblazer to me.

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