2019 Seven Days of {Haute} Holiday Savings!

Savannah Sevens is excited to offer seven days of haute holiday sales to celebrate this special season! From Monday, November 25 through Monday, December 2, we will be hosting a new sale each day (we did take Sunday off). See below for details and get ready to shop 'til your little heart's content.  

Monday, Nov. 25
10% Off Ariat Denim

Tuesday Nov. 26
15% Off All Things Turquoise

Wednesday, Nov. 27
20% Off Graphic Tees

Thursday, Nov. 28
25% Off Handbags & Wallets

Friday, Nov. 29
30% Off Dresses & Jumpsuits

Saturday, Nov. 30
35% Off Caps & Belts

Sunday, Dec. 1
Day Off - No Sales.

Monday, Dec. 2
40% Off {Select} Fall & Winter Favorites

Be sure to check out the new arrivals collection--new pieces go up twice a week!