Best Fit For Your Body Shape

Denim is a well-loved closet staple for women. Denim can take you from your most casual looks to a night out on the town! Knowing your body shape is key to choosing a fit and cut that compliments your natural form. A well-paired style of jeans will have you feeling your beautiful and confident self every day of the week!

Rectangle Shape

  • This shape is not especially; curvy or narrow at any given point.
  • This; is a shape that universally fits and is complemented by almost any cut and rise.
  • Keep in mind for high-rise styles that state it is an hourglass fit - the tightest fit part of the jean will be at the waist, as this body shape does not narrow at this point.

Hourglass Shape

  • This shape is defined by narrowest at the waist and curvier through the hip.
  • Perfect and High Rise Jeans will complement your waistline the best.
  • Mid Rise Jeans tend to hit at a point lower than where your waist tapers. This rise may require sizing up due to curvier hips.
  • All Leg Opening types complement this shape.

Pear Shape

  • This shape is narrower through the upper body and curvier through the hip and butt.
  • This shape can wear any rise. Perfect rise is a universal fit and helps give a slimming and smooth fit through the waist by holding you in without being too high.
  • Any Leg Style that is slimmer at the knee; will have a narrowing effect to compliment the narrower upper body. Such as Flare, Slim Trouser, Bootcut, Straight Crop & Skinny.

Strawberry Shape

  • This shape carries more weight in the upper and mid sections of the body, with the butt, thigh, and legs being the narrowest.
  • This body shape often has a hard time getting the butt of the jean to fit sung and nice.
  • The ideal jean type is the Arrow Mid Rise Fit Jeans. It is designed specifically for this body type. It is a straight cut through the waist, hip & butt. It hugs the butt like a pair of jeans should and sits just right at the waistline without digging in.
  • Also, the universal Perfect Rise Jeans are almost always loved by and compliment this body type. It very much holds in and smooths at the midsection.
  • All leg openings work well for this body type except skinny jeans as it creates a look that makes the legs look even slimmer and less in proportion.

Round Shape

  • This shape is an evenly distributed weight throughout. It is more of a full figure shape.
  • Mid-Rise and Perfect Rises work well. High Rise denim typically doesn't fit as well.
  • Arrow Fit Bootcut, Bootcut, Trouser, Straight Crop, and Straight Leg work well for this shape.
  • Mid Rise or Perfect Rise Wide Leg Trousers are the most flattering fits for this shape, with the Perfect Rise Boyfriend or Girlfriend Straight Crop Jeans coming in a close second!

Inverted Triangle

  • This shape is wider built through the shoulders and chest while narrowing through the waist and hip.
  • This shape can wear any rise.
  • The Wide Leg Trouser Jeans most complement this shape. It creates proportion by creating a wide point with the shoulders. It also complements the narrow waist. The Slim trouser, Flare, and bootcut are next in line for a complimenting fit. 
  • Skinny and Straight Crop styles create a look that may make you look even narrower from the hip down. In turn, make the shoulders appear wide.