Haute on the Ranch: Embrace your Cowgal Style

Hello, I’m Allison Wiens! I have a deep passion for raising cattle the right way, respect for the western way of life and LOVE cowgirl fashion!

My husband and I live on and help run his family’s ranch in Sedalia, Colorado. We have two boys: Henry Russell Hawker and T.W. Boone. We feel so blessed and are constantly reminding our boys that this life is a privilege and should be taken with great responsibility. As ranchers, we are a steward to God’s animals. They are on loan to us, and we will do our very best to give them the greatest life possible while they are on earth.

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Currently, we run purebred black angus and are dabbling in the Farm to Fork beef industry. I have two micro highland cows; Whistle and Apple (my pets forever and for always), chickens, horses, barn cats, our pudelpointer Rooster and whatever else I can get my hands on.

I was not raised on a ranch, but I knew I was always meant for the country. This life is hard yet rewarding. Uncertain yet consistent. Beautiful and EXTREMELY dirty.


Top: The Hillsboro ~ available in gray too! The Kirkland

To me, western fashion is classy, unique and obtainable every day. As much as I love getting dressed up for date night or going to a rodeo, our life mostly consists of mucking stalls, feeding cows and stacking hay. This lifestyle is hard on clothes and things get dirty fast while working.

‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…’ Not this cowgirl. Give me basics, a good pair of jeans and some turquoise instead of diamonds any day! As mothers, wives, ranchers, girlfriends, professional cowgirls, aspiring cowgirls, ranch hands, ranch owners, we already have enough on our plates. Choosing an outfit in the morning for the day shouldn’t be stressful. Let’s make it easy on ourselves!

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I might not reach for my Navajo pearls or a big squash when going to feed, check cows, gather horses, work cattle, doctor, but I still want to look and feel cute; for no one other than myself. Pretty turquoise jewelry can enhance an outfit, good working jeans are comfortable, basic tops bring ease in decision making and are simple to layer, wildrags and hats give the outfit flare! Pieces that are durable, stylish and can have multi uses. The same sweater I wear with jeans to warm up the horses could also be worn with a faux leather skirt and knee-high boots to a concert. Wildrags are often used to keep us warm while working in the Winter months and can also serve as hair accessories in the Summer.

Top: The South Bend Bottoms: The Perote

Get creative! Stick with YOUR style. Look for inspiration. And have fun with your cowgirl fashion! Cowgirls are unique women. We can be covered in manure and mud, shoulder deep in a cow’s uterus, sore from working a fresh horse and yet, we still somehow look pulled together and have an elegance in how we carry ourselves. Embrace your cowgal style and rock it daily!

~ Allison Wiens | @allison.wiens

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