Haute On The Ranch: A Q&A with One of the Most {BA} Cowgals We Know--Jena Knowles!

Alrighty, friends... this one has been long-anticipated! If you've spent any time on Instagram following along with the lifestyles of western influencers and rodeo wives then you've likely run across Jena Knowles. She is a strong favorite around these parts for her fun and classy style, witty sense of humor (cow bios, what?) and all-around laid-back personality. She is married to professional steer wrestler, Trevor Knowles, and she gives some of the best pro rodeo BTS when she's out on the road. If you're not already, go give her a follow: @jena.knowles (and read the cow bios).

Have you grown up loving the ranch life or did you have to adjust once you got married? @hanren.1 I’m a 4th generation rancher, it runs deep in my blood. I will say though, I never “planned” to end up where I am. After high school, I went off to college and never really had plans of returning to ranching. I did go home to see my family regularly, NEVER missed a branding, and competed in the occasional team branding or ranch rodeo. However, I started paving my own path after graduating college, never once dated a cowboy, and was quite enjoying the city life in beautiful Boise, Idaho. Then along came Mr. Trevor Knowles. The rest is history and I wouldn’t trade this life for the world. 

What is your all-time favorite fashion piece you own? @lynseypackham I would have to say, the squash blossom Trevor gave me. He surprised me with it at the NFR a few years ago. It’s timeless and I hope it stays in our family for generations to come.

Would you be willing to show us how you keep your wonderful wardrobe organized? @chelseanolin Girl, my closet would make Marie Kondo cringe. If it was organized I’d love to share with you all, but if I’m being honest, I haven’t quite figured that out yet. Send help. 

It seems like your job is pretty flexible. What does your typical week look like? @edendavis It is! I’m super lucky. A typical week for me consists of 3 or 4 days working at our local hospital. I am the PR Director so my job revolves around community events, marketing, etc. When I’m not working I’m either helping out on the ranch,  or at a rodeo with my husband. Ranch work varies but in the summer we are typically haying, checking on cattle, moving cattle, fixing fence, you name it.

If you and Trevor weren’t living in rural, eastern Oregon, where do you think you’d live? @d_vanderwiele I honestly can’t imagine NOT living here, but if we DID live anywhere else, I’d say Nevada, because I grew up there and all my family lives there. Canada, because it’s beautiful. Or Hawaii, because I love it there.

When do you plan on having kids and how many?@brookhammond9 We do! We both want 2. Probably this year… We’ll see! 

How did you and your husband meet? Did he teach you how to rope? @lala_01 We met over a puppy. I was helping my brother sell border collie pups and Trevor wanted to buy one. He didn’t teach me how to rope. I think I started roping about the same time I started walking, and I have my wonderful parents to thank for that.

Would you ever consider being a stylist? @wendylyn24 I don’t know if the demand for western fashion stylists is high enough, but I do love helping people put outfits together. I’ve mentioned this before, you can message me on instagram anytime you are struggling to put an outfit together! 

Where do you get your witty sense of humor from? @jocelyn.mcclellan It stems from my Italian family, I’m sure of that. However, being around my husband on a daily basis kind of brought it out permanently. 95% of the time we are sooooo not serious and say the most ridiculous stuff. I often have to remind myself that the general public probably doesn’t understand half of my jokes and I should maybe act normal from time to time.

What rodeos will you be at this year? @kortneyla I’m not 100% sure yet, just depends on what all my husband decides to enter. I’ll be at the Calgary Stampede, Snake River Stampede, Caldwell Night Rodeo & Pendleton Round Up for sure though, wouldn't miss those!

Where do you find jeans/dresses that are long enough? I’m 6’1” and it’s such a struggle. @fern.hoffman7 Dresses are hard being tall, I tend to search for the hi-low style in long dresses, or a knee length dress for an average height person. That way it’s not too short. I have had luck shopping for dresses at S7’s! Their descriptions on items are spot on, so you’ll know whether or not something is going to be long enough for you. As far as jeans go, a lot of western brands carry longer inseams. I have a LOT of Wranglers, those are my favs. I also have a few pairs of Ariat Trousers that come in XL inseam and I love the fit of those as well - which I believe S7’s carries. :)

Do you plan your outfits as you pack or just grab some favorites and put them together as you go down the road? @leahbri29

I ALWAYS plan! I’ve come up with some killer outfits in my head, but then tried them on and realized they look terrible or ridiculous. Because of this, I try everything on before packing for a trip. Once I get an outfit put together, (shoes and all) I snap a picture on my phone. This way when it comes time to pack i remember what pieces I need to pack. The picture trick is also helpful when you are on your trip. If you can’t decide what to wear that day, just flip through the outfit pics on your phone and decide which one you like best for that day.

Aaaaand that's a wrap on our Q&A with Mrs. Jena Knowles! We hope you've enjoyed it and gotten a little more insight on the girl behind the Instagram feed. She just wrapped up her trip to the Calgary Stampede and had some killer outfits while she was there (insert all the heart eyes). :) 

Til next time, 

S7s Team


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    Where did you get your red and white cold shoulder top from? I love it!!!

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    How old were you when you got married?

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